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You Define Your Style

I wear what I want. While you see me partaking in the latest trends, featuring what’s trending or what’s new, in the end, I wear what I feel comfortable in. Whenever I get asked what’s my style, I’m always at a loss. Because really, I’m not afraid to wear a variety of styles. That’s the beauty of fashion. You can dip your toes into whatever style there is, make it your own, and then change it up the following day. You can wear something preppy today, edgy tomorrow, and then Bohemian the next day. I love that I can play with styles depending on my mood. And that’s okay because like I always say, fashion should be fun. I define my style. You define your style.

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You Define Your Style

Took these photos a few weeks ago. I was wearing a Bohemian-looking dress from Mink Pink, but since it was a bit chilly, I decided to layer on a preppy sleeveless trench coat/vest. No problem. I like how they look together so it’s good enough for me. No matter the trends or what other people like, in the end, you should wear what you like – what feels comfortable… what makes you feel confident and pretty. Because the more confident you are, the more you radiate beauty!


I mixed Boho and Preppy accessories here and I’m okay with it: preppy stripes bag c/o; preppy smart watch c/o; boho tassel earrings; boho/edgy sunglasses.



Hope you guys had a wonderful long weekend with loved ones! I can’t wait to share a travel diary of our trip to Virginia Beach soon. Thank you for all the recommendations you sent my way. Xo. <3


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