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Working Out in Winter

Where does one find the motivation to work out during the winter season? When the roads are either icy or slushy, I wouldn’t blame you if you just want to stay at home! And even though the gym might just be a block or steps away, sometimes, that’s actually the worst! Because then you’re thinking, “do I have to walk on snow and ice to get a work out done?” I hear ya. So that’s when working out at home comes in handy.


Working Out at Home

If you can’t go to the gym or just can’t be bothered to run outside in the freezing cold, get in a work out at home. There are a ton of workout videos on YouTube and Instagram that you can follow, and a lot of them don’t need all those fancy gym equipment. Sometimes, all you need is a rug and yourself. Seriously! I have a yoga mat if necessary. But usually, I prefer the carpet (depending on the type of workout). Invest in some weights that you can easily store under the couch. But if you haven’t gotten around to grabbing a set, just get some water bottles and get on with it! And don’t forget to blast your fave tunes, no one will complain!


Workout Partner

Okay, Louis may not be the best workout partner because he’s literally gonna lie down infront of you and make you jealous. But grab your roomie, bestie, a family member, your significant other, or whoever is living with you to work out with you. Be accountable for each other to help both of you work out!


Stylish Activewear

Sometimes, the best motivation comes in the form of cute or stylish activewear! How on trend are these ripped leggings from Sammy Dress? I probably won’t be able to wear them out to the gym this dead of winter because I’ll probably freeze as soon as I step out. But at home? Oh, yes. I’ll wear them!


And how about these rose gold sneakers, you say? I’m obsessed! It’s the most beautiful pair of sneakers I ever did see. 🙂 They sell out so quickly. So you have to act fast if you want a pair or two. I’ve linked some alternatives below or you might want to go to your local Nike. By the way, they run small. Go half a size up!


Don’t Forget to Hydrate

So one thing about working out during Winter season is that it’s so hard to break a sweat… or at least you don’t notice it. With the cold and dry air, it’s even more important to hydrate! It’s easy to get dry, dehydrated and irritated skin during the winter months. But to get your skin back on track, hydrating with coconut water can greatly help.


Right now, I’m enjoying my INVO Coconut Water, packed with 5 essential electrolytes that promotes rapid hydration. This is exactly what I need right now especially since the holiday season is one of my busiest times of the year. I admit, I forget to drink up my water when I’m buried with work. So by afternoon, when I realize I haven’t had much water to drink, I hydrate with coconut water right away.


INVO Coconut water is low in sugar, 99% fat free, has much potassium as a whole banana, and tastes like freshly cracked coconut water! I was born and raised in a tropical country where fresh coconut is everywhere. We even had a coconut tree at home. So when I moved to the USA a couple of years ago, it was hard to find fresh tasting coconut water. I didn’t like the taste of the canned ones. Thank goodness more options are coming out. Thanks to INVO for introducing me to their coconut water and sending me some bottles. They are yummy!

winter workout, ripped leggings, rosegold Nike cortez sneakers

Wearing: Sammmy Dress leggings c/o; Cuddl Duds long sleeves tunic c/o; J. Crew Puffer Vest; Nike Cortez sneakers in rose gold (Also available here and here. This white and rosegold Cortez is also a great alternative, also here. Loving the rose gold Air Max Thea).

I hope these tips help you out or give you motivational ideas to work out in the dead of winter. I need to remind myself of these as well. And with Christmas coming up soon, I need to squeeze in some workout before the festivities! Happy Holidays everyone!

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