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Wednesday Thursday Friday Wildfox Tee

Okay guys, some of you *might* get offended by this Wednesday Thursday Friday Wildfox tee. If that’s you, I apologize in advance. Just putting it out there. I found it hilarious, because W. T. F. can also mean Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – right? It’s all in the state of mind! Haha! But really though, it’s just a tee. Let’s not make it a big deal. Moving on…


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Wednesday Thursday Friday Wildfox Tee

I found this Wildfox tee while hunting for bargains at Nordstrom Rack online. I love Wildfox because they are the softest pullovers and sweaters I own. No joke. Come Fall and Winter time, they are my absolute favorite to wear because how cozy and comfy they feel. You have to try them on to understand. If you already did or already own, then I’m sure you feel the same way. So whenever I hear a “Wildfox” sale, I’m on it. This time around, I found tees on sale. This and the other one that I featured here awhile back, were the ones that I got, and I couldn’t be any happier!

thursday white wildfox tee floral kimono louis vuitton bag

Wildfox Tee Fit

The fit on these tees are oversized and relaxed – just my kinda thing. So you can definitely wear your usual size or even size down. If you’ve been following me for awhile now, then you know I like roomy, easy, and comfy. While I would *sometimes* wear fit or body con dresses (when occasion calls for it), my go to is ALWAYS ALWAYS comfy chic! I like room for my skin to breathe.


Some Wildfox Tees Options

While this print/style has since sold out, I’m sharing some of my other favorite Wildfox tees below. Not gonna lie though, they are a bit on the pricey side as far as tees are concerned. They run from $60-$70. But when they go on sale, like this one that I got, they can go for $20-30. I am actually loving the pineapple one (DUH, obvs) below.




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