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Warm Weather Hairstyles and Tips with Goody Hair

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It’s that time of the year again. With temperatures dropping, you’re probably thinking of different ways to tie up that hair. Or perhaps you’re already doing these hairstyles but need tips to make it easier. Maybe you’re looking for ideas to hide that bad hair day. I’m with you. So below, I’m sharing two hairstyles, and some tips and tricks with Goody Hair.


Warm Weather Hairstyles and Tips with Goody Hair

Bad hair day? Too hot outside to wear your hair down? If you’re looking for ideas, I’m sharing two updo hairstyles with the help of Goody Hair below. First, let’s start with a loose messy bun. But wait, you’re already doing that, aren’t you? But are you doing it without any hair ties or bobby pins? Let me show you.


1. How To: Loose Messy Top Bun

Begin by brushing your hair. I love these wood paddle brushes from Goody, from the color to the nylon and natural boar bristles that smoothen and boost shine.



To give buns volume and life, I tease the top section of my hair and spray with hair spray. Gather a chunk of hair at the top and tease with the brush by brushing up and down behind the hair. Yes, it will get messy, and that’s okay. It will help add volume, so your hair doesn’t fall flat. Spray hair spray afterwards and tease-brush some more.


Now gather all your hair up into a bun, but don’t use a hair tie. That’s right! We’re using Goody Spin Pins instead.


Just twirl your hair up, hiding the ends underneath the bun. While holding the bun in place, spin the Goody Spin Pin on top of your bun until it gets hidden inside. Take a second Goody Spin Pin and spin it again starting from the bottom of your bun. It’s great for short and fine hair too. I have fine hair and ties can slide off easily. But these spin pins were able to hold my bun in place. You can get them here.

top bun goody spin pins

Check your bun and adjust to your liking. And then lastly, pick out some pieces of hair on the sides for a messy, easy-going bun look.


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2. Tips for Creating Space Buns

What’s better than a bun? How about double buns? Hah! I know, I know. It seems more like a child’s hairstyle than an adult’s. But if you’re going to a music festival, outdoor concert, or maybe the beach, these buns are going to secure your hair really well and keep it off a probably sweaty face! ;p For this one, we’re using Goody’s Ouchless elastic ties.


Begin by parting your hair in the middle. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be perfect. You’re going to be outdoors and active anyway. Use a brush or the tip of a fine tooth comb just like this Goody comb here. Then tie your hair up like piggy tails using the Goody elastics.


Now if you have very fine, smooth, or just washed hair, chances are, it’s gonna be hard to twirl your pig tails in a bun. They will slide off easily and unravel. So what’s the secret?



The key to securing space buns in place is not just with bobby pins. Before you even twirl your hair into a mini bun, apply a molding cream like this or a paste like this. Grab some product (a little goes a long way) into your fingers and rub gently from end to end. Add more until your hair gets a little sticky, enough that it stays put where you want it to be. Try twirling it into a bun. And if it slides off, add some more product, spreading it from end to end. If it doesn’t slide much, you can now secure it in place with some bobby pins. Spray some hair spray and you’re good to go.


Trust me, you can rock, dance, swim, even sleep on it and they’ll stay in place. I may have slept on mine and still rocked it the following day. Haha. Don’t forget to pin below to save this tip!


Hope you enjoyed these hairstyles tips and tricks. If you have any questions, let me know. And if you love these types of posts, do tell so I can share more of them.

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