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Urban Decay UD Gwen Stefani + Ombre Lips

Today at STYLEanthropy, I’d like to share with you a colorful look featuring the latest Urban Decay UD Gwen Stefani eye shadow palette along with other makeup products from the line. This is also a first impressions/review post to give you an idea whether or not to get these makeup products for yourself. I got a couple of questions asking whether the eyeshadow palette was a good buy or not. So let me explain further to help you decide. Also, I’m sharing how I did my ombre lips below. It’s not everyday I play with a lot of color in my makeup (YAY)! So read on…


Okay, before anything, I am not a makeup artist nor claim to be an expert at doing makeup. I’m just like you, doin’ mah own thing… experimenting, keeping note of what works – so I can recreate… and remembering what doesn’t – so I try to avoid it the next time. While I am loving my brow on (your) left hand side, the right one wasn’t perfect. Haha. It wasn’t obvious when I was doing my makeup. But after I took photos in front of a huge window with really bright natural light, it showed. But oh well, it is what it is (take note Cris, take note). Well, we’re talking about the Urban Decay Cosmetics Gwen Stefani palette anyway…


UD Gwen Stefani Eye Shadow Palette Review

So first thing’s first… my first impressions and review of the eye shadow palette.


For starters, let’s be honest. I WOULD BUY this palette just after seeing the PACKAGING! Well of course, that’s just me… because Urban Decay Cosmetics and Gwen Stefani designed the case so that it attracts all the “white, black and gold” aesthetic-loving people of the world like me. You can really tell that this palette was meant to be in my home! Right? Haha. I forgot to take a photo of the box it came in. It was also in a graphic white and gold stripes which was obviously my style.


Initial Impressions

Okay, to be honest, when the eyeshadow palette first got released and I saw the colors, my initial reaction was something like… “those colors are crazy and bold” – which is probably as edgy as Gwen Stefani could be. So before I actually looked at it closer, I already dismissed it thinking I’m not one to wear those colors for my makeup. You know me. I want simple makeup. I want easy. I love wearing my no-makeup makeup looks. Perhaps the color you will only see on me would be on my lips and a bit of blush on my cheeks (just so I don’t look anemic).


But like I said, the overall packaging was what pushed me to take a second look. And there I opened my eyes to what seems to be a ton of neutral shades that would be my go-to for everyday looks. To me, the hot pink “Harajuku”, the jewel tone blue “Danger”, and yellowish gold “1987” shades blindsided me to think this palette was crazy, when in fact it had a lot of nudes.


Colors, Pigments, Comparion to UD Naked Palettes

So after I gave it a second chance and looked at the eye shadow palette closer, I’m actually pretty happy about the variety of colors in this palette. I mean just look at it. Okay, sorry if the photo is too bright that it washed out the neutral tones and looked more white in here. But you can see the palette in the product page here.

There’s a great mix of brown shades, highlighters, metallics and mattes. There’s a metallic gray pewter-looking shade. There’s a black color. But then, if you love to add some color to your eyes, specifically jewel tone colors, then you get a peach, pink, blue and yellow-green / gold hues.

The only thing I have to say is this though: in terms of pigmentation, the jewel tones aren’t as pigmented as you would expect. As you can see above, I mixed in the blue and the pink together. The blue turns out to be pretty light and shows up as purple. I didn’t blend in the pink on top of it but just beside it. I used the blue on the outer V and blended it to the inner half of the top lid. Then I used the pink on the center of my lids. So if you want to get that metallic blue, you’ll have to pile it on to get that color. I suggest doing a patting motion instead of sweeping or blending – which I used here. If you want to use your finger, it might get you a better or deeper color.

For me though, I don’t mind it at all. Like I said, I was first hesitant when I saw the metallic blue and pink shades. So when I tried them on and saw that they aren’t that dark at all, I actually liked it. I would understand how other people would be disappointed with the pigments of the jewel tones though. But like I said above, try a tapping motion application instead of sweeping or blending.

Now, in terms of comparing this palette to the UD Naked Palettes of the past – whether or not this is better or which one you should buy – it all depends on whether you own any of the Naked palettes and if you do, which Naked palettes you own.

I have the Naked 2, Naked 3 and Naked Smoky palettes. I started with the Naked 2 when it first came out. And since it is pretty similar to the original Naked, I no longer purchased the first one. When Naked 3 came out, I got it because the palette features more of rosy to brown hues with a lot of metallics. Call it the most feminine and girly of the Naked line. And then I was lucky when the Naked Smoky palette came out, having received it from Urban Decay. Do I love one more than the other? Not really – I love them all and it’s hard to choose just one.

Each one has certain shades and hues that set it apart from the other palettes. But sure, they have their similarities too. Here’s what I’ll suggest. If you love rosy and metallic shades, go for the Naked 3. If you love shades that you can wear every single day that’s appropriate for both day and night, go with either the original Naked (if you like warmer more bronze-y shades) or Naked 2 (if you like cooler tones). But if you haven’t gotten any of those, I highly suggest the Naked Smoky because it’s a good mix of nudes, metallics and smoky colors.


So where does the UD Gwen Stefani palette come in? If you like a palette that has the nudes, metallics, and want blue, pink, peach and gold tones to add color from time to time, this is your palette. It’s your day to night palette. It’s your simple everyday makeup, but it can also be your edgy rock palette. I only wish it came with a brush for convenience. But for those who carry their beauty tools everywhere, this won’t be a problem – especially if you have certain brushes that you prefer to use over the usual UD brushes included in their Naked palettes. BONUS: It came with a sampler packet of the UD Gwen Stefani lipsticks in Rock Steady (cream), 714 (mega matte), Ex Girlfriend (sheer), and Firebird (cream).


How to Get the Ombré Lips

Okay, last but not the least… I know, this post is already too long. But I just wanted to give you my thoughts if you’re on the fence on whether to buy the Gwen Stefani palette or not. So anyway, to match my eyes and match these Jonathan Adler x Motorola Moto X Pure Edition phones, I combined a pink and purple shade for an ombré effect. I used the MAC Cosmetics lipstick in Heroine to line the border of my lips. Don’t make a thin line like you would get from a lip liner. Just use the tip of the lipstick to create a thick line that will color about half of your bottom and top lips. Then color the inner half of your lips with something in pink. This Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Definition in Le Violet is a pinkish kind of purple and works great with the MAC. Then gently press your lips and you’ll get that ombré lips. So fun!


Wanna see more of the Urban Decay Cosmetics UD Gwen Stefani line? They released a blush palette, brow box, 24/7 glide-on lip pencils and lipsticks. Check them out.

STYLEanthropists, hope this review and first impressions post helped you out. Let me know if you already have the UD Gwen eye shadow palette and please share what you think. What other UD x Gwen Stefani makeup did you get? Xo.

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  • Reply Joanne Valentine January 31, 2016 at 12:09 pm

    This is a really nice post and a lovely make up look. Like you, I was on the fence about getting the Gwen Stefani palette and dismissed it at first look, but after hearing a lot of good things I decided to buy it and I am so glad that I did! The colours are lovely and so wearable. x

    • Reply Cris Zaragoza February 1, 2016 at 3:35 pm

      Thank you! Yes, I love the palette. Glad you are loving it too.

  • Reply Laura March 2, 2016 at 10:52 am

    This really is such a beautiful palette and incredible impressed with it 🙂

    Laura xo http://www.shehearts.net

    • Reply Cris Zaragoza March 2, 2016 at 12:06 pm

      Isn’t it? I’m doing a follow up with the rest of the UD x Gwen Stefani. Just saw you have a review too. Will check it out. 🙂

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