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Tips on Perfecting Eye Shadow Application

Today on STYLEanthropy, we’re talking eye shadow application. There are possibly a million of eye shadow hues out there. We’ve got tons of favorites like this and this. But what good will the best eyeshadows do if you don’t know how to properly apply eyeshadow? So below, we’re talking about how you can perfect eye shadow application with these tips.

Tips on Perfecting Eye Shadow Application

Staple: Two shades are just enough. All you need is a base and a defining tone – period! But of course, it’s up to you if you want to have all the colors. If you like to play a lot, it’s fine. Just don’t overdo it. 🙂

A Moisturized Lid is Key: If you love wearing eye shadow, you should keep your eyes moisturized. Wrinkles or dry eyelids and upper eyes cause makeup to”cake”. Make sure you use eye cream at night. Always moisturize after washing your face. Let it dry before applying makeup.

Eye Shadow, Eye Liner, Mascara: Which comes first? If you read this post about eyeliner application, then you know I recommend that an eyeliner is as a must if you’re applying eye shadow. If that’s the case, then the only logical order would be: (1) apply the eye shadow, (2) apply the eye liner, and last, (3) apply mascara! The eye shadow should be first because you’re eye liner should not be beneath the shadow – else, you’re covering up the eye defining factor which is the eyeliner. Finally, the mascara is last. You don’t wanna smudge your lashes when you apply the eye liner or eye shadow last, right?

Before you apply eye shadow: Make sure to apply a light foundation or compact powder on your eyelids and upper eye area. But if you have an eye primer, then stick to that instead. Priming the skin makes the makeup last longer, and makes for better application and results.

Eye Shadow Base: Choose dark colors for your base before you add in the metallic or light colors. Swipe the eye shadow brush from the outer corner to the inner corner on a wiper blade motion. If you are using a lighter shade on the inner corner – lighter shade on the inner corner opens your eyes more – then you can apply the darker eye shadow on the outer 2/3’s of your lid.

TIP: If you’re applying to the crease of your eye, keep your eyes open and tilt your head backwards for you to better see the shape you’re creating.

The Lighter Shade: You’ll need your defining shade or the lighter tone to make the contour. This color can be something that would match your wardrobe or accessories. Apply it onto the inner one third of your eye lids. Subtly blend the lighter shade with the base shadow. If you have another lighter shade than your countour shade, you can apply that to the lower fold of your eyelids. It should be a fine line of the lightest shade of your light color. Now, the highlight is applied right below your eyebrow. It should be the lightest color or a white color. The highlight will make your brows look more defined.

Finishing Touches: Use a big and soft blending brush. Sweep your brush up towards the temple. Sweep in the direction of your lashes. Now, you’re ready to apply eye liner and then mascara.

STYLEanthropists, hope these eye shadow application tips help you out when you apply your makeup next. If you have any questions, please sound off in the comments below. Xo.

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