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Three Favorite Things

Three Favorite Things Thursday

Today at STYLEanthropy, I thought I’d start a new series that I’m calling Three Favorite Things Thursday. I know it’s not very original – especially with other bloggers doing Five Favorites Friday. But just hear me out. I know I regularly share with you my favorite things on social media. So why not share them in a weekly series here on the blog too? And besides, you know I get sent different products to try and test out. So it would be easier to combine a few of them in one blog post. Because if I’m being honest, if I write a separate blog post for each, I will be drowning in work. And if I post everything on my IG, it would feel like I’m spamming you. And I don’t want that. So the solution? Three Favorite Things Thursday!

Three Favorite Things Thursday

While I will be sharing three favorite things every Thursday, there will still be the quarterly favorites – a more in depth review of what I loved using for the entire season. But these weekly favorites are going to contain only three things and will be a mix of different topics – from beauty to interior, to brands or trends, all the way to what’s new in gadgets and tech that caught my eye. Let’s begin!

1. The Good Cards

I already talked about The Good Cards in a previous post here. But today, I just want to remind you that it’s the last few days to support their Kickstarter campaign. Why am I so enthusiastic about this game? Well, it’s a game that spreads KINDNESS! You get a card that you scan through the free app on your phone. It will then give you a challenge to do something good for someone else. If a game can spread kindness all around the world, I’m in. Are you?


Here, I’m wearing the Dreamer Glasses that you’ll receive for pledging $25 or more. Please, please, please read more about it here and I seriously HOPE and WISH that you make a pledge to help launch this amazing game around the world!



2. Ankit

I’ve talked about Ankit before here on the blog and on my social media channels. If you’ve been following me on Insta, then you probably recognize the headphones and the candle from a couple of my posts awhile back.


I’m a HUGE believer that you need to surround yourself with your favorite things.

I always like to keep my home filled with things that I love and things that inspire me – just like this candle that smells like Bora-Bora (thus the name)! And I ALWAYS absolutely have to keep everything pretty and organized. Otherwise, I will lose my mind. Yes, I’m that girl. Because I work from home, I need to keep things in place in order to focus on work. I draw inspiration from my surroundings, especially while I’m writing or brain-storming my next project. So it’s a must for me to always have a beautiful home to work from. Ankit has so many cute decor that are pinterest and Insta-worthy – you’ll have a home that makes you wanna double tap every time you see it, only this time it’s IRL!


Headphones and candle c/o Ankit


3. Sally Beauty

So, who else shops at Sally Beauty? Yes? No? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Seriously, they have so much professional beauty products to choose from with such great prices. A big misconception is that Sally Beauty stores are just for professionals like salon owners, hair stylists, and/or makeup artists. Girl, they’re for everyone!


Sally Beauty recently sent me this huge summer package that contains some of the best products you can find at their store. I’ll talk to you about some of my favorites below.

  • I’m super loving the Wet brushes because they are perfect for detangling after a shower!
  • Also, how can you go wrong with Ardell lashes? Their selection is HUGE and they have the best faux lashes out there.
  • Last year, after attending the Sally Beauty event in Dallas, I went home with a ton of Dermactin-TS masks. Sad to say, I’ve finished every last bit. So I was super excited to receive more. I’m addicted to masks because it’s the perfect way to rejuvenate and hydrate my skin. But sheet masks? Waaaaaaayyyy more addicting! They are super easy and convenient to use. You can just throw them on after cleansing your face and let it stay until you’re ready to take it off. I’ll take all the sheet masks, please!
  • Finally, the Conair Pro Silk tools straightening iron has this sleek and ergonomic design. It looks stylish and does the job pretty well!


Now, Sally Beauty happened to send me more. Thank you Sally Beauty!

So, if you follow my INSTAGRAM account (@STYLEanthropy), I will be giving some of these, along with other beauty products today, July 13, 2017. This is in no way sponsored by them or Instagram. I just wanted to share some of my extra beauty products with you as a thank you for reaching 15,000 followers on Instagram! I will probably be posting it in the afternoon. So make sure you check back on my IG feed after work or before dinner! Okay? Good luck!


That’s it. Actually, I would have added another one which is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (a.k.a. #NSale) on here! But y’all know that deserves another post. So just for today, I’m sharing another post in a few… because we all love a good deal and I’m here to help a sister and/or brother out. And obviously, because I will be shopping the Nordstrom sale too. So make sure to come back before noon or during your lunch break, because I’ll be posting it before then along with a new outfit post! Until then. Xo.

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