The Good Cards Game

The Good Cards Game is Here

A few days ago, I gave you a sneak peek at a new game that’s launching at Kickstarter today – The Good Cards! I’m excited to spread the word now that it is live. Imagine a game that can spread kindness? You know I’m all for that! Our world needs healing and if a game – an app you can download on your phone – can help with that, I’m game. Are you?


The Good Cards Game

How do you play? Once you get The Good Card, you can use The Good Cards mobile app on your smartphone to scan the QR code. From there, you receive a challenge aimed at making the world a better place. Once you complete the challenge, the recipient of your good deed takes the card and continues the game. They challenge the next person to also pay it forward and pass on the card. You can track your card and see just how many lives have been touched thanks to your participation. One card can travel through the hands of hundreds of people. Watch this compelling video below. I hope it encourages you to join this revolutionary GAME!


For the last several months, the The Good Cards team has recruited a number of influencers who are passionate about this project and built a tight-knit community of people focused on doing good. To take things to the next level, they’ve turned to Kickstarter.


Spreading Kindness Everywhere

CEO Pawel Alva Nazaruk said he sees the game turning into something much bigger. This isn’t just for smartphone users or even celebrities. Companies can use it to inspire their clients, which will help keep morale high on all sides. Customers can even get it on the fun. Imagine ordering shoes or clothing from a large retailer and receiving The Good Card with your package. Once you scan the card on your mobile phone, you see a message from the CEO of that company challenging you to do something kind.

Companies can encourage customers to step out and create some good in the world. It’s a win/win: a positive PR outcome for the brand and the customer also gets to make the world a better place.

Remember the furor when Pokémon GO launched? Imagine all of that energy channeled toward a greater purpose and a shared desire to help the people around you. If large brands adapted this strategy, the possibilities would truly be endless.

“What if we had an app as successful as Pokémon GO that was oriented toward making this world a better place?” Nazaruk said. “We could change the world.”


Full Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own. I fully believe in the game and I encourage you all to try it out. Check it at Kickstarter now and spread kindness!

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