Neiman Marcus Black Crochet Trim Dress, Chanel bag

The Cold Shoulder

Today at STYLEanthropy, I’m sharing this cold shoulder style dress with a beautiful crochet trim. If you’ve seen one of my recent posts on my older blog, My Fashion Juice, then you’ve seen a sneak peek of this dress. I also shared it on my Instagram first because this dress was quickly selling out before I could even post it! Hate when that happens because I want you to be able to grab the dress too, if you like it as much as I do. But anyway, this black version has since sold out, but the white is still available! I promise it’s gorgeous! I’d get the white if I don’t already have a ton of white dresses. So I went with the black!


The Cold Shoulder Dress

Perhaps by now you already know my love for off shoulder pieces. No? Okay, see exhibit A, exhibit B, exhibit C, exhibit D… I can go on and on, you know! I know. I’m an off shoulder addict/geek. So to change things up a bit, but still get a similar effect, I went with the next best thing – the cold shoulder.


I know some people, including my Mom (Happy Mother’s Day again, Mom!), who hates the off-shoulder trend. She says it’s like the top is falling off your shoulders. But I swore to her that when I was a kid (pre-schooler), she had a top like that and I would take it out of her closet and wear it at home every time I play dress up in her room! She couldn’t remember the top, but okay… I won’t argue. LOL! I digress. So back to the ladies who doesn’t like the trend…

If you have the same opinion as my Mom, and just wouldn’t want to even try the off shoulder style, how about trying the cold shoulder instead? You still get a strap on your shoulders – it’s not falling off, lol – but it shows a bit of skin kinda like how an off shoulder piece would. Sometimes, I find that showing a bit of the shoulders can be sexier than low necklines or backless tops. Plus, if you have problem areas you’re shy about (ahem, flabby arms or bat wings), these off shoulder and cold shoulder tops can easily hide them!

I know, I know… you should love yourself for who you are! Accept your flaws and love your body… and I do. I really do! I’m happy and satisfied with my current body. But I wouldn’t mind improving on it… making it more fit and healthier, you know? And I’d be lying if I say finding clothes that flatter my body more doesn’t help boost my confidence… because it does. If you feel a certain type of clothing suits you more and makes you look and feel good, and better about yourself, what’s wrong with that? I always say, I dress for myself – to look and feel good about myself – I don’t care what others would think as long as I’m confident in it.

So do the same. Wear what makes you feel good and what makes you feel more confident. It can be an off shoulder top, it can be a skirt. It can be as simple as a pair of your best-fitting jeans. It can be a blazer or anything else that makes you happy! Because when a woman is happy and confident about herself, she can conquer the world!


Neiman Marcus, black dress, cold shoulder, crochet trim, chanel bag, f21 wedge sandals

crochet trim, cold shoulder, black dress






Neiman Marcus Crochet Trim Cold Shoulder Dress
Earrings and Necklace c/o REEDS Jewelers
Cuff c/o Lydell NYC
Chanel bag
Forever 21 platform suede sandals
Makeup c/o It Cosmetics
Lipstick in Le Violet c/o Lancome

Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend celebrating Mother’s Day. Hope you like this outfit as much as I do. Until next! Xo, C. <3

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