Target Beauty Box Unboxing and Review
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Target Beauty Box Unboxing and Review

Today at STYLEanthropy, I have a new video for you and it’s all about the latest Target Beauty Box! This one came out this month (January), just in time for the New Year (2016). I’m just so sad that it sold out quickly before I can even post about it. But let me tell you, the moment Target releases and announces they have a new Beauty Box, it sells out the very same day. Why? Watch my video below for the unboxing and review!

Target Beauty Box

Target Beauty Box unboxing

Target Beauty Box Unboxing and Review

So did you watch it all? Sorry if the video has gotten a bit long. I just wanted to give you all my views – from introducing what a Target Beauty Box is – to unboxing and sharing why I got myself one. You see, as a beauty blogger, I rarely buy beauty products anymore because I get sent products to try and review or feature on the blog. But the moment I saw this Target Refresh Beauty Box (the other is Renewal), I just had to buy it.

Target Beauty Box unboxing, beauty products

Like I said in the video, it was only $7 with free shipping. And my favorite product in it, the Simple Micellar makeup remover wipes that I use all the time, retails for $6.99. So do the math and tell me this ain’t worth getting! No brainer, right? And P.S., this ain’t a sponsored ad – I just love the Target Beauty Box so much, I had to post about it!

So if you got all interested and want to watch out for the next Target Beauty Box, just subscribe to the Target newsletter or perhaps follow their social media channels to get notified when the next beauty box comes out. Make sure you are following me too (username: styleanthropy on FB, IG, Twitter and Snapchat), so I can remind you when the next box comes out!

Target Beauty Box unboxing, beauty products

STYLEanthropists, hope you enjoyed this unboxing and review post with video. If you love these types of posts with videos in them, please let me know so I can make more of these. Leave a comment below, message, snap or tweet at me so I know. Oh, and have you checked the latest giveaway? I’m giving away a lot of beauty goodies in this post. Go ahead, I know you want to join. Good luck!

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