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Summer Read: The Breakdown by B.A. Paris

Disclosure: This is an advertisement for SheSpeaks/St. Martin’s Press. All opinions are my own.

A couple of weeks ago, I was sent the new thriller book from B.A. Paris, “The Breakdown”. The book will be out on July 18, but I got to preview and read it first to tell you my thoughts! Don’t worry. No spoilers here. I’m just going to give you my honest opinion about the book. And to give you an idea, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Breakdown as a thrilling summer read!


Summer Read: The Breakdown

We’ve had lovely summer weather the past few weeks (not this rainy week though). It was not too hot, just warm enough to wear summer clothing, yet breezy enough to enjoy the outdoors! It was the perfect time to go on a picnic at the park. After having been sick in bed for about a week, I needed fresh air. So one weekend, we headed out to Highland Park. Brought food and drinks with this book in tow. I was so ready to finish it. Before getting sick, I was literally GLUED to the book. I think about 85% of the read, I finished in one night. The Breakdown was that addicting. And finally, I finished it while at the park and I wished there were more chapters to read.


Thrilling Read

I’ve been trying to recall all the books I’ve read in the past. And it seems, this is the first thriller that I read. Whoa! Really? I was always attracted to fantasy, adventure, and romance that I didn’t think about checking out thriller and suspense. I should have known better since I love suspense and thriller films. The moment I started this book, got introduced to Cass (the main character) and the people around her, I already knew I was going to love it. I couldn’t put it down. I kept thinking, they should make a movie out of this. Seriously! I’m going to watch it even if I already knew the ending. While I was reading it, I could already picture it in my head, complete with sound effects.


As the story unfolds, I saw myself wanting to read more and learn more. What’s going to happen next? Why did she say that? What is going on? I found myself guessing multiple times about the ending, but I never thought about that! However, I felt like the ending was abrupt. I can’t say exactly what I want to say without spoiling the end. So I’m just gonna leave it like this, I wish the antagonist would have done something else towards the end. Curious? Well, you just have to read The Breakdown! You can pre-order it here. Also, there’s a Twitter Party with prizes and I’m listing the deets below.


#TheBreakdown Twitter Party

To celebrate the release of The Breakdown on July 18, there will be a SheSpeaks’ #TheBreakdown Twitter Party on July 18 at 1pm ET. You can chat with the author along with other book lovers about summer reading and of course, the book! Prize packs will be up for grabs. There will be copies of the book along with other goodies. You must RSVP to be eligible to win. So make sure to RSVP here!

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