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Tassel Necklace and Statement Jewelry from Lydell NYC

Today at STYLEanthropy, I got all excited for the arrival of warmer weather, thanks to these statement jewelry – a beautiful tassel necklace, bangle and marble earrings sent to me by Lydell NYC. Thank you! I mean. Will you look at that? With the official start of Spring this weekend, I’m ready to bust out all of my spring and summer clothes. I actually already started doing spring cleaning last weekend and I’m almost done. Now, I can’t wait to wear these with dresses, shorter sleeves, shorts, skirts and what not. Spring Break, here I come!

lydell NYC, jewelry, accessories

Aren’t they perfect? The Carmine Necklace is such a beautiful tassel necklace that’s layered already. So you don’t (but you still can) have to pile on other layers, trying to look for something that will match it. Lydell NYC already did the work for you. All you have to do is wear this on top of your dress or shirt.

The Roebling Bracelet is going to be my go-to this spring and summer. With a wide bangle, it makes a huge impact without having to stack 5 or 10 thin bangles or bracelets. I love the stacked arm party look. But when it’s what – like 90 F degrees outside? It’s no party. It ain’t fun. A single bangle that makes a statement is all I need and this one is under $30 bucks!

Finally, this pair of Rock Earrings has become my everyday earrings at the moment. I’m kinda like that. Once I fall in love with a pair, I tend to reach out for that every. single. day. With my current marble obsession, you probably understand why. This makes such a huge statement too. Can you tell I love statement jewelry?


How pretty are they? In case you’re wondering about that pineapple. I wrote a DIY post about it on my home blog. Make sure you follow me on there too! So anyway, here’s a peek at how I wore these jewels. I’ll be posting the full look tomorrow. So stay tuned for that!

lydell NYC tassel necklace, chambray dress

lydell tassel necklace

lydell bangle, lilly pulitzer clutch, accessories

lydell NYC, bangle, bow

lydell nye, jewelry, chambray dress

WEARING: Carmine Necklace and Roebling Bangle c/o Lydell NYC; chambray dress c/o eShakti; straw clutch c/o Lilly Pulitzer; Apple watch.

lydell necklace, bangle, straw hat

Thanks to Lydell NYC for sending these. In love with everything especially the tassel necklace and my marble earrings. I’ll show you how I wore the rock earrings in an upcoming outfit post here on STYLEanthropy. Xo.

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