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Soft Romantic Curls Hair Tutorial

Hello, guys! I’m back from New York Fashion Week. Whew! It’s been a hot minute since I posted and I have so many things lined up for you. But first things first, let’s do this soft romantic curls hair tutorial – just in time for Valentine’s Day! Are you ready?

How To: Soft Romantic Curls

My favorite type of curls are the soft and messy ones. They don’t look like perfect but rather, that you just “WOKE UP LIKE THIS”. So we’ll go with that but make it soft, not tight, to give it that romantic feel. Are you ready?

1. Use a Thermal Protect Hair Spray

Since we’re using hot tools, make sure to keep your hair protected with a thermal protect spray. I used the one that Shtrands sent me. It’s from the brand Abba, which has ProQuinoa Complex with avocado and aloe vera. Spray all over your hair before you begin styling.



For this look, I’m using what Pro Beauty Tools sent me: Professional Extra-Long Ionic Ceramic Thermal Brush (under $15) and 1″ Professional X-Long Gold Curling Wand (under $50 but currently on sale for $27.99)

2. Smoothen Hair with a Brush

After spraying hair with a thermal protect spray, brush your hair to smoothen. I like using a bigger round brush to make curls softer when blowdrying your hair. This Ionic Ceramic Thermal Brush smoothes hair to get that frizz-free hairstyle.


3. Curl the Hair with a Curling Wand

Now, it’s time to curl the hair. If you have thick hair, it’s best to part and section your hair before you start. This way, it’s easier to manage 1 to 2-inch sections of hair to curl. You can divide your hair into top and bottom half. Secure the top part with a clip and start with the bottom hair. If you can manage without parting your hair, let’s move on.

I like to start curling from the hair next to my face then towards the back. Others want to do opposite. It’s all up to you which method you prefer. So for this, I’m showing you how I work my way from front to back.

  • Begin by getting 1 to 2 inch section of hair and curling in the direction AWAY from your face. When curling the section closest to your face, I recommend going away – to frame that face and not cover it. Also, note that with bigger sections, you can create bigger and softer curls.
  • I like to leave about 1-2 inches of the tip not curled to give it that modern, undone curl look.
  • Continue to do the same with the rest of the hair BUT all in the same direction of curl. Normally, I like to do alternate direction for a BEACHY WAVE hairstyle. But for a soft romantic look, I like to do it all in the same direction.
  • Once you’re done with one side of the hair, move to the other side and curl away from the face again until you reach the back.



4. Finish with a Hair Spray

Once you’re done curling your hair. Just run your fingers through your hair to make the curls soft not tight. Then, spray with a finishing spray for an all day hold. I use the OGX Elevated Finish Spray (it’s only $8.99), which has Argan Oil (good for your hair)! Now, you’re done!



Thanks to Pro Beauty Tools for sending me these hair tools to create this hairstyle!

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