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What’s up my dear friends? Welcome back to STYLEanthropy. Today, I’m giving you a peek at the newly launched SheSpeaks Unboxed subscription service. What’s that you say? If you’re not familiar with SheSpeaks, it’s a community of women sharing their voices – be it opinions and reviews on products we use on a daily basis, or tips and ideas that are useful for our day to day. Now, they just launched a limited edition, themed subscription service and I’m giving you a sneak peek. Their first box’s theme, with products valued at over $750, is “Cheers to You” and you’ll understand why as we go through the products included.


By now, you probably already know about the antioxidant, Resveratrol, that can be found in red wine. They say it’s good for your heart. But I got really curious when I opened up my SheSpeaks Unboxed to see resveratrol skin care! Vine Vera took advantage of the beauty benefits of this compound and incorporated them in their beauty products.

Like I mentioned above, Resveratrol is an ingredient that can be found in wine. It is actually derived from nourishing grape skin, which reduces the overall appearance of aging. So when you apply it topically, your skin soaks up all the goodness from this ingredient.

Vine Vera Resveratrol Merlot Moisture Day Cream

One of the first types of wine I truly enjoyed was Merlot. So I got a little excited to discover a “merlot” moisturizer in this box. It’s a rich yet lightweight formula that leaves your skin feeling replenished. Also, it didn’t leave any greasy residue on my skin. I can’t decide if the subtle scent of the cream smells like wine or a perfume that was recently sent to me. I would need to get a bottle of Merlot… just for research’s sake.


Vine Vera Resveratrol Vitamin C Serum

One of the beauty products I always use in my skin care routine is a Vitamin C serum. It’s an antioxidant that slows the rate of free-radical damage. It also helps lighten dark spots. I just ran out of my Vitamin C serum the other day. So this one came in pretty handy. The smell on this one reminds me of a chewy orange candy from my childhood. It’s pretty thick and potent. So you only need a tiny drop for your face.


Vine Vera Resveratrol Cabernet High-Potency Contour Eye Firming Cream

Just so you know, Cabernet is one of my least favorite red wines. BUT, this Cabernet eye cream doesn’t disappoint. The smell is actually refreshing AND I was surprised with the formula. When you touch the product, it feels like a thick cream. But as I applied and spread it on the skin around my eyes, it instantly felt like a water-based product. It felt like a shot of moisture around the eyes. Immediately, I felt firmness! This is similar to an eye cream I featured here on the blog a couple weeks ago. So I’m pretty excited to see which product gives the best result.


Inspirational Quote Cards

You may have noticed some inspirational quote cards throughout my photos. That’s included in the SheSpeaks Unboxed “Cheers to You” box as well. I love all the positive encouragement and admire SheSpeaks for incorporating that in the box. I’ve already stuck one of the cards on my vanity mirror and the other on my desk. Looking at one right now -> “be fearlessly authentic“.

P.S. Also included is a card that lists all the products in the Cheers to You box, along with the information on each product.


Glossybox Eyeshadow and Coupon

There’s also a full-size creamy, pearl-infused powder eyeshadow and a coupon from Glossybox. The eyeshadow shade is mauve, which is also in the “wine” family shade. So now do you know why the theme of this #SheSpeaksUnboxed is “Cheers to You“? There’s more.


Sofia Mini Effervescent Blanc de Blancs + Ghirardelli Chocolates

Yes, there’s bubbly! So yeah, “cheers to you“! This themed box is really all about celebrating you: pampering you with wine-inspired skin care; getting you dolled up with a wine-colored eye shadow; inspiring you with quotes that make you feel better; toasting with some bubbly; and indulging you with some Ghirardelli chocolates too.


Thank you SheSpeaks for letting me celebrate ME!


Overall, I love how SheSpeaks curated this Cheers to You SheSpeaks Unboxed box. It was well thought out and I loved the mix of products. Interested? Make sure you check them out here to get updates on their subscription box service and join me in the SheSpeaks community too.

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