Simple Glam Beauty Look with Pur Cosmetics
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Simple Glam Beauty Look

Today at STYLEanthropy, I’m sharing with you how to get this simple yet glam beauty look with these makeup products. You can wear this makeup look for special events like a birthday party, romantic dinner, movie date or an office cocktail party. It’s simple to recreate, but it looks glam for a dressed up occasion.


Above are the products I used for this makeup look. These are some of my favorite and well-used products on an almost day-to-day basis. I work from home so I’m not always wearing makeup!

While I switch some of these products from time to time, I swear by the Pür Cosmetics Correcting Primer, Cameo Contour stick, Browder and Lip Lure! They are my tried and tested beauty products that I’m obsessed with. I’ll tell you all about my fave products below and why I love them, as I share with you the step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this simple glam beauty look.

Simple Glam Beauty Look



STEP 1 – with a clean and moisturized face, start off with the Correcting Primer. While you can apply this with your fingers and spread throughout your face and neck, I apply this with the brand’s liquid chisel brush. I’m sharing some thoughts on these products below. But if you want to skip the review and wanna go straight to the beauty tutorial, hop to the next step.

REVIEW – CHISEL BRUSH: It’s probably my most used brush right now. However, for the first couple of uses, there would be a bristle here and there, shedding from the brush. But after awhile, the shedding stopped. At least that’s based on my experience. I’ve read others not too happy about the shedding, but unsure if they have been using that for awhile or only recently. But I love that this brush is soft and so easy to apply makeup with. The brushes in this line are also my favorites. I have just started using them and the bristles are softer than the chisel brush.

REVIEW – CORRECTING PRIMER: Going back to the primer, just wanted to emphasize that this isn’t a foundation. It’s just a primer to apply underneath your foundation. I was looking at some reviews online and have read so many comments that it gave poor coverage. Ladies, that’s because this ain’t a foundation. BUT, no one’s stopping you from using just this if you’re not looking for at least medium coverage. Others, on the other hand, mentioned that they had breakouts. I wanted to share with you that they have a different type of primer for those with oily skin. This Hydrate and Balance primer is perfect for irritable and breakout-prone skin, because it’s oil-free and silicone-free. 

STEP 2 – after priming, I follow up with the 4-in-1 liquid foundation or the concealer if I need to hide any dark spots or redness.

STEP 3 – I complete the face makeup with the Cameo Contour stick. If you want to get in on the contour trend, then try this product. It’s like contouring for dummies!

REVIEW: You guys, this product is amazing! It makes it so easy to contour and highlight. Remember this photo? Just draw (it comes with instructions on where to apply) and blend, and you’re done. On one end it has the contour makeup, on the other, the highlighter. It comes with a sponge that makes application and blending easy, which below, I totally forgot to use because I was in a hurry. Thus, you might see a harsher line on the side of my nose. That’s totally my bad because I didn’t use the sponge. But seriously though, it’s a game changer for me. And if I have to pick a favorite product from all of the makeup shown here, this would be it!

Pur Cosmetics, Simple Glam Beauty Look

STEP 4 – once the face is done, we can move on to the blush. This cheek stain is super easy to blend and comes with a brush on the other end. This was the blush I used throughout the last New York Fashion Week I attended. Simply tap it on to the apples of your cheeks and then blend with the brush attachment. I love that it’s tiny enough to carry in my purse for touch-ups.


Eye Makeup

STEP 5 – let’s move on to the eyebrows. The Wake Up Brows product has a brow brush in one cap, brow pencil on one end, and a highlighter tip on the other. First, use the brush to brush your brows upward and sideways. Then, using the brow pencil, create the shape of brows you like by lining a top border and bottom border above and below your eyebrows. This creates a guide for you on where to fill in. Then with tiny swift strokes, draw inside to fill in the brows.

I follow up with the Browder. This is my current favorite product because it really fills in the brows! It makes it darker and hide any patches, strokes or imperfections. While I do LOVE the product, there is one thing I hate about it, it’s really messy. Because it’s a powder form but comes in a tube, when you take out the brush, there will surely be a lot of powder coming out. I try to take it out very carefully, but still get a little mess. And as you apply it, make sure you are on a table top surface that you can wipe. Don’t use this in the car or on top of your bed. It will create a mess! Do this on the sink or on a vanity table top you can easily clean up after. But no matter the mess it creates, I swear on the effectiveness of this product.

STEP 6 – since it’s a simple glam beauty look, let’s skip the eyeshadow and move on to the eyeliner. Eyeliners are great at defining your eyes with little effort. You can wear it without an eyeshadow, but an eyeshadow makeup without the eyeliner seems incomplete. Here, I used the Double Ego eyeliner. Just do a simple line along your waterline and finish off with a wing or cat eye tip, whatever you think looks best for your eyes.

TIP: try different shapes everyday, before hand, to see what looks best on you. 

STEP 7 – it’s time to apply the mascara. This Volume Vixen is again, one of the makeup products I used during New York Fashion Week last September. I love that it gives my lashes a fuller effect!




STEP 8 – I finish off with the Lip Lure liquid lipstick. I love that it’s highly pigmented and so rich. The creamy texture is hydrating AND it stays on really long. This one I’m wearing is the shade Fiery.

TIP: Before you start with your full face makeup, moisturize your face AND your lips. Use a lip balm before you apply makeup. That way, your lips has time to absorb the moisture. If you apply lip balm right before applying a lipstick, the lipstick will not apply well because it’s like applying to a greasy or oily texture. So make sure to give your lips enough time to absorb the lip balm.


OPTIONAL: Top your full face makeup with a setting powder like this afterglow illuminating powder or this marble mineral powder and bronzer (which I use).

Wasn’t that easy?  As for the hair, curl those locks of yours with some long and loose barrels to keep it all glamorous! Don’t forget to use a high heat protectant spray like this before you curl. And to finish off, use a hairspray like this to keep the curls in tact.

To give you a summary, here are the products I used. If you like to see the full outfit I wore here, check my Shabby Apple Green Dress post here.


STYLEanthropists, I hope you like this simple glam beauty look. If you’d like to read more posts like this, please like that Facebook button right there! And if you’re feeling generous, go share this post or leave me a comment below. Every little bit counts to help keep this blog alive! Thank you for your support. Xo.

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  • Reply Laura March 2, 2016 at 10:54 am

    You look beautiful 🙂 I haven’t heard of this makeup line before, you certainly make it look impressive.

    I love the biblical quote on your blog by the way, it’s lovely 🙂

    Laura xx

    • Reply Cris Zaragoza March 2, 2016 at 12:05 pm

      Thank you for your kind words. And yes, you should check out Pur Cosmetics. 🙂

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