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Quarterly Favorites // March 2017

Today at STYLEanthropy, I’m starting a quarterly series where I share with you some of the products I’ve been using. Things like what I’m using for my hair, what products I’m using on my skin, what I’m eating, all the way to what clothes or accessories I’m wearing on repeat. I thought about making it a monthly series. But sometimes, when you love something, you tend to use it over and over again until it runs out. And shampoos or makeup last longer than that. So, here it is. My first quarterly favorites post for the months of January to March 2017. Check them out.


Pür Bare It All

I love that beauty and fashion companies are now embracing more “nude” shades to fit a lot of skin tones. Because we all know one size does not fit all. Kudos to those companies who embrace this! One of those companies is PÜR Cosmetics and I love that they came up with this Bare It All 4-in-1 Skin-Perfecting Foundation.


So here’s the deal. They sent me these to try. I love that I found the perfect match for my skin tone, I use the Blush Medium shade. I use the skin perfecting foundation brush that comes with it because it makes application so easy and effortless. I heard mixed reviews about it. Some found it cakey or hard to blend – which I found surprising because I was able to blend mine so seamlessly. Not sure if it was the brush that I use it with. So if you do get this foundation, make sure to try this oval brush with it.


Also, I love that this foundation makes me look hydrated and glowing. BUT, not sure how it would look come summer time. I fear it might get sticky and look oily as others say. I should have brought it with me to Texas to test it out. But we’ll just have to wait ’til the weather gets warmer and see how it goes. Maybe I’ll have an update come June.



Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules

I’ve been trying a lot of skincare products recently that it’s hard to keep up! But what I like is a good anti-aging serum because I’m not getting any younger. Hah! I love that Elizabeth Arden came up with these advanced ceramide capsules. I already loved their award-winning ceramide caplet serum so I knew I’d love this one too.


I love that you can take a few caplets with you when traveling. However, I feel like the serum inside each capsule is a little too much for the face and neck. I end up applying the excess onto my hands and shoulders too.


Cosmedix Face Masks

I have been using the Cosmedix Restore Face Mask recently and it’s been helping me hydrate my skin from the harsh dry weather as of late. The warm-then-cold-then-warm-then-colder weather is causing my skin to get dry. Whenever I use this, my skin feels soft and moisturized afterwards. It’s a quick boost, I tell you. It’s unlike the usual masks that dries and tightens after awhile. This one is a creamy mask that you can massage into your skin and just blot off excess after 10-15 minutes. Cosmedix also has the Detox charcoal one to help with aging, and the Glow mask to brighten and even out your skin tone.


Hair Care

Hask Greek Yogurt Hair Products

You know I love Hask – how gentle it is to the hair and also how affordable and accessible it is. So when they came up with the Greek Yogurt hair care line, I’m like, I HAVE TO TRY THEM!


And you know what? I love this new line from Hask the most. First, can we talk about the cute packaging? And it doesn’t end from there. Even the product itself looks so cute. I should have zoomed in but the product is like a gel with yogurt in the middle. It’s super adorable. And then there’s the amazing scent. And finally, I love how it feels on my hair. If your hair is feeling dry, grab a packet of this deep conditioning treatment because it’s amazing. It just helps restore moisture and just smells so fresh!


Yummy Favorites

Graeter’s Ice Cream Strawberry Cheesecake

We’re done with the beauty products, it’s time for some yummy treats. A few months ago, I told you all about Graeter’s Ice Cream. I also just discovered it then and I got hooked. I especially love their coffee-flavored ones. You know me, I LOVE COFFEE! But for March, they came up with the strawberry cheesecake flavor. It’s delicious and refreshing – perfect for Spring! Yum!


Giordano’s Deep Dish Pizza

If you follow me on snapchat or Instagram and watched my stories, you may have seen me post about these delicious deep dish pizzas from Giordano’s! Up until now, I don’t know who sent it to me or if Giordano’s actually sent it to me (but I have no idea how they got my address)… but anyway, they were SO GOOOOOODDDD!!!


They come complete with instructions so all you have to do is follow them. Just looking back at these photos makes me want to order for myself. They are a bit pricey but they are so worth it!


Rao’s Homemade

So last February, Rao’s sent me a delicious package filled with their sauces, pastas, and oils. I have my doubts when it comes to pasta sauces in jars. I like cooking my own pasta sauce from scratch. But trust me when I say this one is PRETTY DARN GOOD.


Vodka sauce was new to me. So it was the first one that I tried with their penne pasta. And you know what? We ended up eating this on Valentine’s Day. Hah! It was delicious! I added meatballs and garnished it with basil leaves from our plant. YUM!




This was another favorite. I used Rao’s Homemade Arrabbiata sauce on this one. Don’t mind the marinara sauce jar in the photo. I added it there since it was the only jar left. Hehe. This was also delicious. It’s got that spice in it that makes it so good. I like spicy foods by the way. If you haven’t tried Rao’s I suggest you grab a jar or two. It’s perfect for when you’re too busy to cook and only have 10 minutes to prepare dinner! I just added turkey bacon on this one.


Shoes and Bags

Now, on to our favorite topic – shoes and bags! If you’ve been following me on Insta, then you know I’m obsessed with this pairing: the Cult Gaia ark bag and the espadrille wedges. I talked more about the bag here. And as for the wedges, it’s one of the cheapest dupes I’ve seen for the Chloe wedges that cost $$$. I wore it endlessly when I was in Texas that I’m considering getting another one in another color. Either that or THIS. Oh goodness HALPPP! ;p


Other recent shoe purchases that I’m loving…


Tory Burch denim (old purchase but denim is a fun Spring ’17 trend) | Steve Madden Espadrille Wedge Sandals | Adidas Tubular | Urban Outfitters Faux Fur Pool Slides (coolest and comfiest ever)


Oh, and yeah, that hat is from Marshall’s and I’m guessing it would be included in the next quarterly favorites post for summer season! Well, I hope you enjoyed reading and checking out what I’ve been loving at the moment. Until next favorites post! Happy Friday guys!

Disclosure: Parts of this post is sponsored. However, all opinions are my own.

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