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Penney Days from JCPenney

Certain items for just a Penny for Penney Days?

Today at STYLEanthropy, I’m reporting to you this hot new Spring Campaign from JCPenney. The Plano, Texas-based retailer is launching their new value proposition, “Get Your Penney’s Worth“. “Penney Days” entices customers to shop private brand products for one just one penny. Do I hear YAY from my fabulous frugalistas? More details below.

JCP is on a mission to ensure every shopping trip in stores and at is worth your time, money and effort. According to their Press Release:

“The brand promise will be unveiled through a spring marketing campaign, which includes the introduction of “Penney Days“, a unique promotion that makes select items from the Company’s assortment of private brands available for just a penny. The virtues behind “Get Your Penney’s Worth” will be adapted into an enhanced customer service model for associates, as well as influence the shopping experience in stores, online and on mobile devices.”

“We want to be the shopping mecca for the modern American mom, which means we need to dimensionalize the idea of worth. We know our customers live very busy lives and we want every trip and interaction at JCPenney to be worth her time, her hard earned money and her effort,” said Mary Beth West, chief customer and marketing officer for JCPenney. “The launch of this new brand promise underscores our strategic focus on building private brands and revenue per customer to create sustainable loyalty. If JCPenney can help her discover the things she loves more easily, innovatively and consistently than anyone else, we know she’ll come back for more.”

This announcement was just released yesterday, February 25, and the message will be airing on TV beginning February 28. You’ll also see this promoted everywhere from broadcast media, print ads and digital marketing.

As part of the new campaign, the JCP’s marketing will feature brands that are deemed “perception shifters“. Research showed that many consumers underestimated the selection of quality brands and merchandise available at JCPenney such as Levi’s®, Nike® and KitchenAid®, as well as the style and value offered by private brands, including Worthington®, Liz Claiborne® and Stafford®. These perception shifters will be highlighted in national magazine ads showcasing the Company’s fashion and home collections this spring.

I think they’re moving towards the right direction. I remember visiting JCP in California when I was 7 or 8 years old, visiting the USA for the first time. It was so alive with a lot of shoppers. I loved the store. But over the years, people moved on to other newer retailers and I feel like JCP was a little left behind. Now, they’ve been doing restructuring and part of it is this upcoming Penney Days!

Power of a Penny

To introduce shoppers to the quality and style associated with its private brands, JCPenney will host its first weeklong Penney Days event starting February 28 in stores and at Good news, people! You can also take advantage of Penney Days on their website! So if you don’t have a JCPenney store near you (not sure if all JCP stores are participating or only select stores will do this), you’re not excluded from this unique promo.

Mark your calendars, people! Set your alarms for February 28 – the first Penney Days from JCP!

It’s unclear though, on how this Penney Days promo will be implemented. According to their press release:

“Customers will have the opportunity to buy a regular priced Arizona brand apparel or accessory item and purchase another Arizona apparel or accessory item for just one penny. Upcoming Penney Days will demonstrate the purchasing power of a penny by featuring unique in-store items for one cent with no additional purchase required, while supplies last.”

The first part seems like you have to buy one to get another item for a penny. But the second line says no additional purchase required for in-store items. We’ll have to see on February 28 then!

Good news, this promo ain’t a one time event. They’ll have many throughout the year, helping to drive customer excitement and showcase an assortment of private brands that they offer in their stores. They will be promoted on JCP’s weekly sales circulars, digital marketing and TV ads. So make sure to be on a lookout for future Penney Days. Also, look for the hashtag #SoWorthIt for social media campaigns from the brand.

STYLEanthropists, are you planning to shop the Penney Days? Let me know the great deals you find! Take a photo and send it my way. I’d like to share it on my social media channels! Xo.

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  • Reply Connie February 27, 2016 at 8:06 pm

    To say “if you don’t have a JC Penney store near you” is misleading. It implies that the penny sales are going to be at all the JC Penny stores, which is not true. Or at least to start off, it is not true. I was told by our local JC Penny store that those particular sales are only at the really large JC Penney stores and if it works out, then maybe the other ones. So, some disappointed people come Feb 28th unless they go online in smaller store areas. Wish they would post a list of the stores that these penny sales are going to be at.

    • Reply Cris Zaragoza February 27, 2016 at 10:09 pm

      Thanks for that information, Connie! I was only reporting from what I read in their Press Release – I didn’t even think that the promo would only be at select stores because they didn’t say anything about that in the release. All that was included in the press release is that they are having Penney Days at JCPenney stores and online at I have updated the above report to include that we’re unsure which stores or if all stores would hold the promo – but at least people have the option to check online. But you are right, I wish they would post a list of the stores that are participating to help customers. They will probably here from a lot of customers about this and I hope they do something about it. Again, thanks for your comment!

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