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NYFW SS16 Day 4 Outfit + Makeup Game with Pür

On Day 4 of New York Fashion SS16, I spent the morning/lunch time going around the city before heading to my last event. My New York trip was coming to an end. But despite a tired body, swollen feet, and aching calves, I made sure I still looked my best. I wore this one of a kind shirt dress from Topshop that I absolutely adore!



WEARING: Topshop shirt dress; Kate Spade mirrored sunglasses; flatform loafers under $35!!!; Chloe mini Drew bag; Lily Wang necklace c/o ShopLately; Kendra Scott necklace c/o; Tory Burch leather wrap bracelet; Hermes clic clac H bangle; Lagos bracelet c/o; Tiffany & Co. Atlas bangle c/o; Michael Kors buckle bangle; Philip Stein watch; Chanel nail polish in Black Pearl c/o.

While the shirt dress is already sold out, I’ve included some similar ones below.


I apologize for the lack of detailed shots. If I’m being honest, the outfit photos were taken randomly with a phone. Ran out of time to take decent outfit photos for my last day in NYC. But fret not, I made sure to make time to take photos of how I did my beauty looks or makeup throughout my NYFW trip.


Pür Minerals was generous to send these makeup products for my trip to NYC. You can say that my New York Fashion Week makeup game was strong. Okay, let’s not count those times I was drenched in rain. LOL! But anyway, I had everything I needed – from primers to a variety of foundations, palettes, eye makeup and a ton of lip colors to choose from. The Lip Lure lip lacquer is my new absolute fave and I’ve been keeping one in my bag ever since.



Let’s go through these products one by one and how I used them.

1.) Tone Up Total Eye Fitness – the all-in-one formula was made to solve dark circles, puffy eyes and crow’s feet. I started using it when I was in New York. So I won’t be able to see results right away. But I used it underneath my makeup when I can. After washing my face and applying my face serums, this is the next step before I apply primer. The only thing I wish is that it would smell better. 🙂

2.) Correcting Primer (Illuminate & Glow) – whenever I travel, I easily get dehydrated. You’re always on the go and you miss monitoring your water/fluid intake. Because of that, my skin gets dull, dry and looking stressed. This illuminating primer helps by prepping your skin. It reduces the lines, pores and imperfections. So when you put on your foundation or powder, it looks more flawless. Plus, it comes with age-defying Ceretin Complex, antioxidants and key vitamins. By the way, it’s paraben-free. So after my serums, this is the next step to apply before you put on makeup.



3.) FOUNDATION – after the primer, the next step is to apply the foundation. I use the chisel brushes they sent me. One for liquid and another for powder. I might have just used one the whole time while I was in NYC and think the brush worked perfectly with both powder and liquid. I’ll have to use the brush for the liquid one next time I use the liquid veil and/or the liquid foundation. As for the kind of foundation I used, I alternately used the following:

  • 4-in-1 liquid – it’s a 14-hour wear foundation that I swear by. When I know I’ll be gone from day ’til night, this was the foundation I used. Plus points that it has SPF 15. I use the Blush Medium shade.
  • 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup – when I was in a rush, I used this mineral makeup powder. It also has SPF 15 to give my skin protection. What I was surprised with was how comparable it was to liquid foundation in terms of coverage and results. This has become my go-to face base now when I’m running errands and running late (lol). I use the Blush Medium shade.
  • Liquid Veil 4-in-1 spray foundation – if you want an airbrushed look without the airbrush system, this is it. I love it just the same as the others above. I use the medium shade.

It was hard to pick a favorite from those three because they were all great with coverage and staying power. But if I’m being honest and being lazy, I would pick the pressed mineral makeup! I love the convenience and how it looks on my skin.

4.) Disappearing Ink Concealer – I used this to cover some blemishes like a few scars from breakouts. I also used it under my eyes to hide dark circles and I’m pretty happy with the results. I used the medium shade.



5.) Blush – for the blush, I alternated the Love Your Selfie palette’s savvy blush and the Cheek Stain in Prosecco. I love Pür Minerals’ Cheek Stain because it comes with a brush on one end and the blush on the other end. It’s very hand and very portable – perfect for travel.

6.) Bronzer – thank goodness for their marble powder – a bronzer that I like to sweep around my face and on my neck. It gives you color and glow when you need it. But when I want a bronzer that doubles up as a contour, I use the mineral glow bronzer from the Love Your Selfie palette.

7.) Illuminating Powder – to highlight my face, I use the illuminating powder from the Love Your Selfie palette too. On days when I don’t want to contour, I also used it to strobe! I shall do a separate post about strobing. But basically, instead of contouring, you just highlight the high points of your face to achieve the same results!


For the EYE area

8.) Wake Up Brow – it’s my go to brow pencil right now. I love the color latte on me. I don’t like it too dark when it comes to eyebrows because it can be too strong especially when you make it thicker and more defined. This shade is just right. I love that the other end is an illuminator to wake up your eyes and emphasize the brows as well.

9.) Double Ego – okay guys, this eyeliner is genius. One end is a pencil tip and the other is liquid. Two for one, let’s go!

10.) Mascara – I used alternately the Volume Vixen and the Big Look. Both great mascaras but I prefer the Volume Vixen’s thinner brush, especially when using for my sparse bottom lashes. Plus, this mascara didn’t clump. It was hard to remove though.

11.) Eye ShadowsLove Your Selfie and Secret Crush palettes. I am a neutral kinda girl when it comes to eyeshadows. I love to keep them in the nude shades and not do anything crazy. But I’m not saying I won’t do color. It’s just that for my go-to and trusted makeup, I find myself reaching for browns, tans, creams, and blacks. The look is elegant and can be worn day to night. That’s why I absolutely loved these two palettes because the colors are right up my alley. Below, you’ll see some of the shades I used for my New York Fashion Week looks.

For the Lips

12.) Lipsticks – aside from lip gloss Exposed that came with the Love Your Selfie palette, I only used the Lip Lure lip lacquers which are new from Pür. I absolutely adore these hydrating lipsticks. One thing I hate with other lipsticks or liquid lipsticks is that they can dry your lips. These do not. And I’m telling you, they last forever. Okay not forever. But they do last a long time. I wish I had timed it. But it’s safe to say that I’ve been using it the whole day and will only need retouching by night time. The colors are all divine but I am absolutely in love with Fancy and Mystic that I’ve shown in the looks below. The only issue I’ve had with them is that because they are hydrating and don’t dry your lips, you have to be careful when you first apply them. Let it dry a little bit because it may get into your teeth. It’s not gonna stain them or anything. But if you’re going to a party and will talk to a lot of people, you don’t want lipstick in your teeth too. So when you apply it, let it dry a bit before you start talking, drinking or eating. 🙂

Below are some of my looks during New York Fashion Week. Check the guides so you can recreate the looks!

Look 1


Some tips to achieve this look

  • Apply the illuminating powder on top of the eyebrows and under your eyes / top of your cheeks. Also sweep it at the center of the nose, on top of your cupid’s bow, high points of your forehead and you can also add some at the center of your chin. This gives you a dewy look and a youthful glow!
  • For the eyes, start with capture, applying it on the outer V about 1/3 of your lids. You can also add a smaller inner V. Then, choose a lighter metallic shade for the middle third of your eyelids. This will give it dimension. Finish off with a light color for your brow bone. I used exposure.




Look 2


Some tips to achieve this look

  • When pressed with time, I like to keep the eye simple. Just sweep capture on the entire lid just to give it color. Then, using a thin brush, apply the darker brown shade, sepia, as an eyeliner.
  • For this look, I only used the bronzer to contour my nose. Like I’ve said in previous beauty posts, do not use a bronzer that’s metallic for contour because it may end up messy. The Love Your Selfie bronzer, on the other hand, is a great dual purpose makeup – as a bronzer and as contour.
  • Since I didn’t contour the face, I did a little bit of strobing – the beauty craze right now! Apply illuminating powder to the high points of your face or opposite where you would apply contour to achieve the same effect. So I applied it on top and bottom of my eyebrows, underneath my eyes, on my forehead, on top of the apples of my cheeks, center of nose, cupid’s bow and chin.



Hope you enjoyed reading this very long post (Sorry). And I hope these looks inspire your next makeup! Again, thank you to Pür Minerals for sending all these beauty products.

That concludes by New York Fashion Week outfit posts. Coming up on STYLEanthropy will be the NYFW SS16 events and shows I attended. Come back soon. Xo. 🙂

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