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My Word for 2017: UP + Today’s Outfit

I’ve been seeing other people come up with and share their word or theme for 2017. And even though it’s already the second week of the year, I thought it was fun to do the same. I didn’t really think hard about my word. It just came to me like a light bulb on top of my head. My word for 2017 is… “UP”!


My Word for 2017: Up

I think talking about the definition of the word “up” will help me explain why I chose this word. Let’s see.


  • Adverb
    • Toward the sky or a higher position. “Go up!
    • To the place where someone is. “She came creeping up behind the first place.
    • At or to a higher level of intensity, volume, or activity. “They are now up by 11 points.
    • Into the desired or a proper condition. “She set up a new group.
    • So as to be finished or closed. “I have a new campaign to finish up.
    • Into a happy mood. “This should cheer me up.
  • Preposition
    • From a lower to a higher point on (something); upward along. “She climbed up to number 1!
  • Adjective
    • In a cheerful mood. “The mood here is definitely up.
    • Functioning properly (of a computer system or industrial process). “The system is back up.
  • Noun (informal)
    • A period of good fortune. “The ups and downs of life
  • Verb (informal)
    • Cause (a level or amount) to be increased. “The website’s traffic will be upped by 50% this year.


So you see, it’s pretty obvious why I chose the word UP for 2017. It’s because I want to go UP – grow more and be a better me. I want to aim for and reach higher goals this year. But it’s not just about trying to get on top or “upping” my numbers. It’s more than that.

Feel Up, Look Up

I’d like to be in an “UP” mood as much as I can. I want to be happy and appreciative of life. I want to enjoy life more – spend more quality time with my loved ones and enjoy God’s gift to us – nature! I want to stop and look UP – not buried in my cellphone or social media. I’d like to travel more and take it all in – for me, not for anyone else. Of course, you know I’ll be sharing it on the blog… but that’s because I blog – it’s my bread and butter. So I’ll probably lessen my time on my personal social media accounts because I want to experience life being really there, taking it all in, not busy trying to take a photo or video, but just enjoying that moment… looking UP!









Wearing: Banana Republic blazer c/o (sold out, similar here); Theory striped dress; Report over-the-knee boots via Macy’s Backstage; Saint Laurent monogram crossbody bag (similar here); Bauble Bar tassel earrings (gifted); Tory Burch necklace; Hat Attack NY floppy hat.

Hope you enjoyed this post. How about you? What’s your word for 2017?

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  • Reply Sevi January 11, 2017 at 10:33 pm

    I think UP is the perfect word for you and I hope your travels bring you to Texas soon so I can see your face. I miss your kind spirit and wish I could enjoy it more than through just Facebook. My word for this year is simply. I want to live and enjoy my life as simply as possible before baby arrives.

    • Reply Cris Zaragoza January 11, 2017 at 10:47 pm

      Oh I would love to see you, Stephanie, Valery and Denise!!! And yes, I saw your word and it was one of the posts that inspired me to write this! 🙂 And also, congratulations again on the little one. <3

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