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Monday Blues: Dresses and Accessories

Today at STYLEanthropy, I’m sharing with you some very blue stylish picks from the sales and summer lines that will make you wish you could fast-forward to the weekend. I know it’s only Monday, thus the Monday blues. But pun or not, you have to admit these blue dresses and accessories are perfect pick-me-uppers for the case of the Mondays. Just look at them!




Blue Dresses and Accessories

Over the years, especially during Spring and Summer, I noticed myself unintentionally picking shades of blue more often. Even though it’s not my favorite color, I learned that I’m actually drawn to this hue. While black and white shades are the top two colors in my closet for good reason (neutral shades), blue probably comes a close third. I guess the shades of the ocean and sky attract me without my knowledge, and I unconsciously reach out for blues every time.
style picks, blue, dresses, accessories, fashion
Case in point, this style post. I really didn’t plan on posting about blue dresses and accessories. I just wanted to share some summer dresses and accessories that I’m currently obsessed with, until I noticed a common denominator – the color. More often than not, I would pick shades or hints of blue. Maybe it should be my favorite color after all, huh? But anyway, what do you think about those dresses? Aren’t they so beautiful? And the accessories, I am especially loving the Kenzo bag but I’ve put myself on a bag ban for now. I’ve reached my quota for the season. LOL! So please, someone take them already. It’s such a great deal for a cute summer cross body bag.

STYLEanthropists, hope these blue style picks make your Monday brighter. Which among the blue dresses and accessories are you faves? Until next time. XO.

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