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Missing New York Fashion Week

Today at STYLEanthropy, I’m sharing a couple of photos we took from New York Fashion Week last September 2015. Think of it as a throwback – the photos that didn’t make it to the blog. With all the events happening and outfits to share, sometimes I don’t get to post everything from fashion week. Just imagine coming home from New York with thousands of photos! So in honor of New York Fashion Week that kicked off today, I’m sharing these photos with you!

style fashion week, new york, Gotham Hall

New York Fashion Week consists of numerous branded events and several independent fashion productions. There’s New York Fashion Week The Shows, which we used to call Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. These shows used to be housed inside Lincoln Center, and before that, Bryant Park. After Mercedes Benz and Lincoln Center called it quits, the shows are now held at Skylight at Moynihan Station in Midtown and Skylight Clarkson Square in SoHo. The other group, Made Fashion Week, had their shows held mostly at the Milk Studios. But WME-IMG, who runs NYFW, has acquired Made Fashion Week in 2015. And then there’s Style Fashion Week. They produce fashion shows in Los Angeles, Miami and New York in the USA, and Dubai in UAE. I only found out about them last year and was so glad I did.

Style Fashion Week

Style Fashion Week is not as big scale as WME-IMG, so to speak. But the shows are very organized and produced well. The main venue, Gotham Hall is gorgeous. I love that in one seating, I get to watch several shows, one after the other. Take a break and have some bubbly or appetizers while I wait for the next batch of shows. The setting is much more relaxed and friendly. I have some photos of the venue at the bottom of this post. But first, here are some of the Style Fashion Week designers I saw during New York Fashion Week SS16 (September 2015).

Style Fashion Week: ESOSA SS 2016

ESOSA combined modern with global and eclectic influences in their designs. This is probably my favorite collection in this group.

esosa, style fashion week, nyfw

esosa, style fashion week, nyfw







esosa, style fashion week, nyfw

Style Fashion Week: QUYNH Paris SS 2016

QUYNH Paris showed a mix of over-the-top gowns and sleek color-blocked dresses.









QUYNH paris, style fashion week, new york

Style Fashion Week: Santa Clara SS 2016

Santa Clara showcased a fairy-tale collection full of dresses perfect for a garden wedding.

santa clara, style fashion week, new york fashion week, show

santa clara, style fashion week, new york fashion week, show

santa clara, style fashion week, new york fashion week, show

santa clara, style fashion week, new york fashion week, show

santa clara, style fashion week, new york fashion week, show

santa clara, style fashion week, new york fashion week, show

santa clara, style fashion week, new york fashion week, show

santa clara, style fashion week, new york fashion week, show

santa clara, style fashion week, new york fashion week, show

Here are more photos from Gotham Hall, one of the major venues of Style Fashion Week.

style fashion week, new york, Gotham Hall


style fashion week, new york, Gotham Hall



Thanks to Style Fashion Week for having me!

Now, in case you were wondering why I’m sitting here, writing a throwback when I should be heading¬†to New York right now for the FW16 shows, here’s the thing… I’ve been contemplating whether to go or not, really. I miss New York. But there are several reasons why I opted not to. Here are four of them, in case you are inclined to read. If not, skip it! I know the explanations are a bit long. ūüôā

  1. If I were to go, the hubby won’t be able to go with me this time. He’s got work, etc. So I would be on my own… walking on the cold streets of New York. And did I mention low temps of 5 (Fahrenheit) this weekend? Umm… not prepared for that at all.
  2. Plus, I don’t want to leave the hubby and be gone on Valentine’s Day. We’ve been spending Valentines Day in New York – probably for the last 5 years – because of New York Fashion Week.¬†But since he can’t go this time, I’m staying home too.
  3. Another reason I decided to stay home this time is because it’s that time of the month! Pretty silly, you might think. But if you follow me for quite some time now, then you know I have severe endometriosis which causes my periods to be very, very painful – and I happen to have a high tolerance for pain – this is another level. Since getting back my period last November (I had injection treatments that caused it to stop for several months), it’s been very painful. December was the worst so far. It’s only this February¬†that the pain has started to be tolerable. But I don’t want to gamble. Can you imagine walking the streets of cold NYC, alone, and in so much pain? No, thank you.
  4. Finally, at¬†last September’s NYFW shows, when the new locations were first implemented, I ended up not making it to several shows because one show would be in one location and my next show¬†would be in another venue. It was crazy. It was hectic, stressful and tiring! Well, I managed to do that in previous seasons when I have MBFW and Made Fashion Week shows back to back. But in my condition, I’d rather be stress-free right now and rest.

Well, STYLEanthropists, I hope you enjoyed looking at the fashion week photos. And forgive me for my long explanation of why I’m skipping NYFW this time around. I wanted to go back to telling personal stories, incorporating them in my posts, making you feel like we’re close¬†friends! Because, this is why I started blogging in the first place. I want this blog to be a place¬†where we can chat and tell stories, get inspiration, find out the latest, and cry or laugh our hearts out! Xo.

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