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Matching Christmas Pajamas

Christmas and my birthday is two days away. I’ve scheduled this post a couple of days ago. So by the time this gets published, I’m probably off to our Holiday adventure… we’re spending Christmas in Philadelphia – so send recs my way, please! If you wanna follow along, I’ll be snapchatting and Insta-storying some highlights of our trip – if you’re not too busy! But before you go there, I’m sharing Louis and I’s matching Christmas Pajamas!


Matching Christmas Pajamas from Lazy One

How fun are these matching Christmas pajamas? Lazy One has a great selection not just for adults and kids, but also for pets! Because, hello? That would be discrimination if they didn’t offer matching pajamas for fur babies and their mom and dad! Right? Right!


This Christmas, instead of fancy outfits, I decided to just get me, the hubs, and Louis some matching Christmas pajamas. After all, we’re lazy ones! We’ll be spending our Christmas (and birthday) Eve in a hotel (after Christmas Mass), relaxing the night away. I can’t wait to get some much needed break. The last two months have been deadlines after deadlines, promos after promos, and I just need some quality time with my two boys. Gotta admit, I’m burnt out!


And of course, we can’t wait to open up our Christmas gifts! Somebody already tried to sniff his gift out!


GUILTY FACE right there…


Going back to the pajamas, how adorable is this dog onesie? This one is quite big on him because I sized up. I got him a large. What was I thinking? I was worried it would be hard to put on if I got a smaller size, but boy was I wrong. I’ll need to get him his correct size next time!



Well, that’s it for now. I don’t wanna hold you off any longer because I know you’re busy preparing for Christmas. As for the grand giveaway winner of my 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, I’ll announce it when I get back next week! So stay tuned for that.


Since this will be my last post before Christmas, we just wanna wish you all a very Merry Christmas! But don’t worry, Louis will be greeting you on Christmas Day. Make sure you follow on Facebook because he has a video message for y’all. Have fun and enjoy the holidays! See you guys soon! Xo.

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