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Marc Jacobs Air Blush + Draping Makeup Technique

Today at STYLEanthropy, I’m sharing with you the latest from Marc Jacobs Beauty – the Marc Jacobs Air Blush! Also, have you heard of the new #Draping makeup technique? In my opinion, it’s not that new. When I was younger, before contour and highlights were mainstream, I used blush to “drape” my face. It gives that glow to your face, as if you’re blushing! But let’s see if it’s the same draping makeup technique that’s growing in popularity these days. First, let me share with you the blush I’m using…


Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush

Marc Jacobs Beauty has recently released their latest makeup product, the Air Blush. A soft glow duo – it combines a lighter shade – great for highlights or applying to the apples of your cheeks – and a darker shade, great for sculpting or contouring. Blend both to get a shade in between. It comes in 5 color combinations:

  1. 506 Flesh & Fantasy
  2. 502 Lines & Last Night
  3. 504 Kink & Kisses (shown + what I’m wearing here)
  4. 500 Lush & Libido
  5. 508 Night Fever & Hot Stuff

Current Price: $42.


Marc Jacobs Beauty designed Air Blush for the draping makeup technique. Its innovative air powder pigments seamlessly meld with the complexion for a real-life radiance. The two shades merge fluidly in the palette for endless color combinations.


I gotta be honest, when I first applied it, I felt like I put too much on. Well, I was blending them in the palette and might have put too much in the brush. But after awhile, they really did meld seamlessly in my complexion.


Now, do you want to know how to do the draping makeup technique? Basically, it’s similar to contouring and highlighting, but this time, you’re using a makeup blush.


You can balance, sculpt, volumize and lift, depending on where you put the blush in your face. See the photo above. Make sure to pin to save for makeup looks and techniques to try!



So like I said earlier, back in the day I’ve already been using blush to add some glow to my face. I’ve used blush on the apples and high points of the cheeks, bridge of the nose and sometimes the forehead back then. But this new draping technique adds blush on the ends of the brows and on the neck as well. So while it’s a bit similar, it’s a more updated version of how we do it back then.


Let me know if you try this technique out and if you have tried or want to try the new Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush! I’d like to hear your thoughts on the blush. So far, I’m loving it and it might be my new go-to blush! Until next, XO.

Full Disclosure: I received the makeup from Marc Jacobs Beauty and Influenster, but all opinions are my own.

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