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MAC Cosmetics Lip Kits

Say what? MAC Cosmetics lip kits? Yes! Who else is a fan of MAC Cosmetics? I started out my beauty addiction with MAC Cosmetics lipsticks. So naturally, when I heard there were MAC lip kits, I had to check them out!



MAC Cosmetics Lip Kits

With the birth of Kylie Cosmetics lip kits, it’s only natural that other cosmetic brands follow suit. While this one from MAC Cosmetics doesn’t come in a fancy box with a celebrity name attached to it, it’s still DEFINITELY A MUST HAVE. After all, the MAC cosmetics brand has been around for decades and it’s a well-known, trusted brand in makeup. And who doesn’t own AT LEAST one MAC lipstick? Come on now!





So why is this a must-have? Let’s do the MATH here. A MAC lipstick retails for $17. A MAC lip pencil retails for $17.50. To buy both, that would total to $34.50. A MAC lip kit is only $29. Getting a kit will save you $5.50! PLUS, you don’t have to worry, get confused, or wonder which lip pencil to get for a certain lipstick. And if you’re still asking why you need a lip pencil for your lipstick, how about these reasons: make that lipstick last longer and more defined, give an illusion of bigger pouty lips, and avoid color bleeding, among others?

MAC Lip Kits Shades

Currently (at the time of posting), there are 7 available shades as follows:

  1. Honeylove lipstick + Subculture lip pencil
  2. Mehr lipstick + Soar lip pencil
  3. Stone lipstick + Stone lip pencil
  4. Taupe lipstick + Hover lip pencil
  5. Twig lipstick + Half Red lip pencil
  6. Velvety Teddy lipstick + Boldly Bare lip pencil
  7. Whirl lipstick + Whirl lip pencil

They are available at Macy’s and at MAC.




I tried the Mehr lipstick and the soar lip pencil. And all I can say is, where were they all my life? Well, I know they’ve been there at the MAC store waiting for me. PLUS, I’ve already heard a thousand GREAT reviews on the soar lip pencil and still I didn’t listen. Well, now at least I have them and I’m so happy! Haha. Shallow me. But seriously, that lip kit combo is everything. The lipstick color is so perfect for the pencil. They are both creamy and glide on pretty well. Do yourself a favor and get these lip kits for you or the women in your life for Valentine’s Day! SO WORTH IT! And under $30!!!




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