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Youthful with Root Blur Colour Blending Concealer + Makeup Tutorial

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Today at STYLEanthropy, I’m sharing with you how I refreshed my roots with the help of John Frieda Root Blur™ Colour Blending Concealer Chestnut to Espresso For Medium to Dark Brunette. As a bonus, I’m sharing a simple and easy makeup tutorial on how you can look young and fresh – to match that fresh hair! Let’s face it, we don’t always have the time or the budget to go to the salon every so often. But as beauty lovers, we want our crowning glory to look good every time. After all, it is our crowning glory! So read on to find out a more affordable and convenient way to hide your roots.

How to hide roots with John Frieda

What is John Frieda Root Blur?

First, if you haven’t heard of John Frieda Root Blur, let me give you the scoop. Root Blur is a perfect way to instantly erase the gray roots. Or if you colour your hair a different shade than your natural hair colour, and your hair starts to grow, Root Blur is a great way to blend away the roots. It’s a temporary root cover-up powder that won’t rub off until the next shampoo. See the growing gray hair on my head? Oh dear! With age comes the gray! Ackkk!!!


Instead of going to the salon or buying a whole bottle of hair dye just to do the roots, you can simply use this beauty product. Call it makeup for your hair.

John Frieda Root Blur™ Colour Blending Concealer, Chestnut to Espresso For Medium to Dark Brunette, hair

John Frieda Root Blur, hair colour concealer

It comes in a palette similar to an eyeshadow palette. There’s a mirror in the compact case, along with a brush.

John Frieda Root Blur hair concealer, brush

Each palette comes in two shades, so you can use whichever is closer to your hair shade, or easily blend them together to customize your shade. The available varieties are:

  • Platinum to Champagne For Light to Medium Blonde
  • Honey to Caramel For Medium to Dark Blonde
  • Amber to Maple For Light to Medium Brunette
  • Chestnut to Espresso For Medium to Dark Brunette

I chose the Chestnut to Espresso For Medium to Dark Brunette which is closest to my hair colour. Simply apply it to your dry roots in a brushing motion and you’re good to go!

John Frieda Root Blur, brush hair

See the difference? Gray hair gone, roots are darker, and hair looks fresh!

hair roots after John Frieda, roots cover up

Now all you need is a fresh youthful face to go with that “newly-coloured hair” look!

Makeup Tutorial: Fresh and Youthful Face

The key to a fresh look is a well-hydrated, moisturized, dewy face. As we age, our skin lose its suppleness. So we have to make sure to keep our face hydrated. Also, we are keeping this look simple and natural, to create that youthful look. Let’s start with a clean and bare face.

no makeup face, social fabric, cbias

1. Always start with a lip balm. Fresh means lips that aren’t chapped – but why start with a lip balm? This will allow your lips to lock in the moisture from the lip balm first, before you apply your lipgloss or lipstick at the end. Let the lip balm work in to your lips while you do the rest of your makeup.


2. Moisturize your face. With a clean face, apply your serums and your moisturizer. Use one that’s perfect for your skin type. While you apply, massage your face in the process. It will wake your skin up and keep it looking fresh!

applying face moisturizer

3. Apply a primer. A tinted primer is nice too if you don’t plan to use a foundation later. A primer will keep makeup in tact and make it last longer. It also creates a better base for your makeup.

applying face primer

4. Don’t neglect the under-eye. Dark circles and eye bags don’t look fresh. So don’t forget to apply your serums or eye creams. There are under-eye rollers and irons that you can now buy!

applying eye cream, depuffer

5. Conceal! What youthful skin don’t have are dark circles, scars and other blemishes. Use a concealer to hide those while you repair your skin, creating a flawless look. I know I’ve got a big pimple right there. And while I couldn’t flatten it out, at least I can take care of the redness with a concealer.

applying concealer

6. Follow up with a liquid foundation. To avoid looking dry or cakey, I suggest using a liquid foundation. There are versions with anti-aging properties too. So be on the lookout for those. Use a sponge or brush to blend. Use a highlighter, a lighter shade of foundation, or even an eyeshadow, one that is lighter than your skin to create a dewy, luminous look. Apply it on the top of your cheeks (under the eyes), on your nose bridge, and on top of your eyebrows – basically on the high points of your face. It will create a dewy, luminous look!

applying foundation, makeup brush

7. Define the brows. You know how the younger ones have thick and bushy brows? So we’ll try to create that to look younger! Keep your brows thick and almost straight-ish, as if it hasn’t been over-plucked and more over the years! Line the top of the brows first and then the bottom, so you just fill in the middle with short, thin strokes, mimicking brow hairs.

applying eyebrow pencil

8. Line your eyes. We’re not doing any eye shadow to keep this look fresh and look like you’re not using any makeup. So just use a light brown eyeliner, we wanna keep it light and not obvious. Simply line your top and bottom water line to define your eyes in a subtle way.

applying eye liner

9. Keep lashes natural. For our lashes, we’re not going to use a mascara to keep our look natural. Instead, use an eyelash curler to fan out those lashes. And then, use a lash primer or a lash serum, they are usually clear or dries clear, to define them but not add any darkness to your lashes! There are lash serums out there that help with volume and growth.

curl lashes, apply lash serum

10. Use a light lipgloss. Since we want to look natural and fresh, opt for a lipgloss instead of a lip balm. Choose a nude, peach or light pink, to add just enough tint to your lips as it sparkles!

applying lip gloss

That’s it! Now you’ll look fresh and flawless, matching that freshly coloured hair (or atleast, that’s what your friends will think). Hah!

Final look, No-Makeup makeup look, beauty tutorial

If you want to grab the John Frieda Root Blur™ Colour Blending Concealer, it’s available at Target and there’s a current promotion that you can take advantage of. When you buy 3 products, you’ll get a $5 Target gift card! The Target display is available until 3/5.

John Frieda, hair color, Target

John Frieda Root Blur, hair concealer

STYLEanthropists, hope this beauty tutorial inspires you. For more hair colour inspiration, check out ideas from John Frieda. Let me know if you recreate this look. It’s my go-to for an everyday no-makeup makeup look as you can see in some of my outfit posts like this. If you have any questions about the Root Blur, sound off in the comments below. Xo.

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  • Reply Ginger Marie February 1, 2016 at 3:08 pm

    This is SO cool! Luckily I don’t have many color changes (yet), but my mom will flip when I tell her that something like this exists! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Reply Ginger Marie February 1, 2016 at 3:08 pm

    This is SO cool! Luckily I don’t have many color changes (yet), but my mom will flip when I tell her that something like this exists! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Reply Cris Zaragoza February 1, 2016 at 3:36 pm

      You’re welcome. Hope she likes the convenience of it!

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