Chanel, bag, purses, spring summer 2014 collection
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Lady Owns 71 Chanel Bags and Counting

Today at STYLEanthropy, we’re putting the spotlight on the stylish Regina, the lady who owns 71 Chanel bags and counting! I found Regina through the’s forums. There was a thread on a certain member, Regina07, from L.A., and her collection of Chanel purses. Being the bag lover that I am, I opened the thread and my jaw dropped. After reading, I found out from the thread that she has 69 Chanel bags – and counting. But I wanted to know more so I went straight to the source and asked this stylish lady a few questions. This interview first appeared in 2008 on my previous blog, My Fashion Juice.

Chanel bags, bag, purses, spring summer 2014 collection

Photo Credit: Chanel from the Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Q&A with Regina07 & her Chanel Bags

  • Q: Is it true that you purchased a total of 69 Chanel flap bags in a span of one year? When did you start collecting Chanel flap bags?
    A: I bought my first chanel in Dec 2006. As of March 2008, I have 71 Chanel bags. So that’s 15 months.
  • Q: What was your first Chanel flap bag?
    A: It was a vintage medium lambskin flap that I bought secondhand from Craigslist.
  • Q: Aside from Chanel flap bags, do you have other Chanel bags in your collection?
    A: Most of my bags are classic flaps, but I also have reissues, GST and other (vintage) totes, and an assortment from other lignes.
  • Q: Do you collect other designer handbags?
    A: The other handbag lines I have are YSL, new and vintage Bally and Ferragamo.
  • Q: Can we request some photos of your Chanel handbag collection?
    A: Hi Cris. Thank you for asking me to be in your blog. I enjoy reading it. I’m attaching photos of the gang lounging on a bed. Thanks again.

Regina, thanks for the photos and thanks for allowing us to feature you. You rock!

So are you ready to be amazed and at the same time drool? Grab your tissue box. Behold Regina’s 71 Chanel bags below. I can only imagine how many more Chanel bags she has added to her collection over the years.

chanel bags, bag collection, interview, Regina, purses

Photo Credit: Regina

STYLEanthropists, hope you enjoyed the read. Always be stylish!

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