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RoseWholesale Lace Off Shoulder Top + Pink Mirrored Sunglasses

Hey guys! Hope your #LDW went well. It was a relaxing rest weekend for us but I’ll share more about that later and why I’m skipping #NYFW. Today, let’s talk about this floral lace off shoulder top and pink frameless mirrored sunglasses. I have been wanting a pair of these for quite some time. So when RoseWholesale.com asked me to pick a couple of pieces from their website, this had to be one.


Off The Shoulder Lace Trim Blouse

But first, let’s talk about this blouse shall we? Yes, my off shoulder obsession hasn’t died down just yet. As long as I can wear the long sleeves version for the upcoming Fall season, it won’t be dying soon. Forgive me! But how can you not love this?

BONUS: this top is only $10.



It goes so well with flare denims too!


And yup – that’s PSL! It’s my first Pumpkin Spice Latte that I ordered as soon as September hit. Starbucks was giving away PSL passes online before they even officially hit the shops. After trying it out for the FIRST time last year, I now know why it’s such a Fall favorite. I’m hooked! If you haven’t, you just HAVE to try it.



Disclosure: Thanks to RoseWholesale.com for sending these products. All opinions are my own.


Making use of this bag before Fall officially takes over…


Pink Frameless Mirrored Sunglasses

For awhile now, I’ve been wanting to get pink mirrored sunglasses. Then I saw these frameless ones popping up and was even more convinced I need these in my life. When I saw that RoseWholesale.com had these cute sunnies, for LESS than $5, I knew I had to HAVE them!


The pink frames are very subtle. So you can actually wear this with ANYTHING. Plus, it picks up any color that you’re looking at. So it will definitely match anything in your wardrobe. And if you need a mirror to check if your lipstick is still in tact, these would come in handy too! Hah!


I really like the selection of trendy pieces at RoseWholesale.com, not to mention the incredible prices. They were neatly packed and came in quick. I love the sizing information in their website because it makes it more helpful when you know the dimensions. Make sure to check it out especially now that we’re transitioning to Fall. I’m pretty sure you’re already thinking about Fall outfits and a great place to start is over there!


So what do you think of this off shoulder top and frameless mirrored sunglasses? There are a couple more pieces from them that I can’t wait to show you next! Now, let’s get personal…


Now, like I said earlier, we were home most of the Labor Day weekend. AND I have decided last minute to cancel my trip to New York for Fashion Week. Why? I know how NYFW is one of the most anticipated events in the fashion industry. But this time around, I’m skipping to rest and avoid stress. If you want to know more, read on. It’s a little personal. If you don’t like reading about these things, you’re welcome to close this tab. I’ll see you in the next outfit post!

New York Fashion Week

I’ve been going to New York Fashion Week since 2010. Some seasons, it gets crazy hectic. Some seasons, I took my time and skipped shows. But one thing is for sure – it can be stressful. With outfit planning, traveling, walking or RUNNING to and from shows, sometimes skipping meals because of the show schedules (at times, my first meal would be at 5pm), I decided to not go this September.

Battling Endometriosis

If you know me or have been following me on Snapchat, then you know that I’m battling endometriosis and because of that, infertility as well. I went on an injection treatment that forced “menopause” to clear out the cysts inside. I had surgery for this back in 2011. But since endometriosis is a recurring condition, the cysts and polyps grew back. So with the injections, for almost a year I didn’t get my period. When it came back, IT. WAS. HORRIBLE… probably the most horrible months of my life.

I was in pain most of the week I had my period. I was in pain a few days before my period. I was also in pain a few days after my period. And to make things worse, I was also in pain a week or so after my period (TMI: during ovulation). So, if you count the days I’m in pain, it was almost half of the month, every month, since December 2015. My events and social calendar would be BASED on when I know I would be feeling okay. And thank God for aligning my schedule pretty well. He has His ways! Like when we went Glamping, when I went to New York for a conference, or when we went to Texas to attend to important matters – they were all timed perfectly. Of course, there were other events that I had to skip because of my condition.

New Doctor, New Treatment

I started seeing a new doctor to talk about ending this. I had already accepted I’m okay with getting my reproductive organ/system out. I was that desperate. I started out by asking about surgery. Instead, she recommended I go on this oral medication and injection treatment to help me get me pregnant. It won’t fix the endometriosis since it doesn’t have a cure. But when you’re pregnant, the pain goes away until you get back your period again. So I agreed to try.

I recently started the treatment. I had a checkup last week and my body was reacting well to the medicine. If I leave for NYC this Friday (which was the original plan), I might stress out, not get enough rest, etc. That’s why I decided to cancel the trip and take care of myself instead. I’m just gonna chill and watch the shows from my computer, hoping all these will work out…


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