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Lace and Jumpsuit

Today at STYLEanthropy, I’m sharing this fun lace and jumpsuit number that I wore a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I’m that behind. Anyway, this summer look is actually perfect for the cool breeze we’ve been getting a lot lately. While I may have avoided the 90-100 degree weather in Texas, I am not too happy about the 60-70 degree here in Pittsburgh. Don’t get me wrong, I love Pitts too. But how do you swim in that temperature? I will take 100 degrees any day and dip my soul in the pool throughout the end of days… but that’s just me.



Anyways, about the outfit… remember the ever so popular Lilly Pulitzer for Target? Seriously, why am I only posting about it today? Forgive me? I’m telling you, blogging life has been a whirlwind.

I’ve been on a rut (even though posting regularly), or more like at a blogging crossroad… again. I recall being in the same crossroad back in 2010… Or was it 2011? And then I went to a blog conference in Austin and all my blogging woes were solved. I went home inspired and ready to take in all the blogging obstacles life threw at me.

But after a few years, I’m here once more. I’ve been conflicted on whether to continue talking about all sorts of things on my blog or to just focus on style. And guess what? If you’ve noticed, the last couple of posts on STYLEanthropy has become solely style and beauty. So you guessed right. I’m going to focus on those topics from here on out. Maybe there will be some home style/decor posts, but that’s about it. Sad to say, I’ll be getting rid of food posts. I’ll leave that to the chefs!

On the other hand, My Fashion Juice still has obligations with a variety of clients. While it’s still running, I have yet to decide on its future. But for now, my focus will be to grow this site. Travel, restaurants and gadgets will be moving to On The Road With Z. Crossing my fingers I can handle all three.


Now back to the outfit. I dug through my sunglasses box and got reunited with this fun tortoise sunglasses by Tory Burch. Seriously… and please I hope you don’t get offended – I’m not bragging, most of them were sponsored… but I’ve amassed a ridiculous amount of accessories and clothes over the years that a lot of them are hardly ever worn! I thought I’ve already listed a lot on my Poshmark closet. But I think I’ll have to start considering listing some more and really getting rid of some designer goods too.

My fashion perspective has certainly changed with age and time. If there is one thing I can advice you, it’s that no object is too precious or irreplaceable. Okay, I may regret saying that statement if we were talking about losing a $200,000 crocodile Hermes that I cannot afford for the life of me. Haha. But kidding aside, all I’m saying is that we shouldn’t hold on to material things too much. Let me tell you why.

If some natural calamity or accident happens that you need to vacate your home, are you gonna be running around, packing your designer purses to take with you as you run out to safety? Because when the Japan tsunami hit in 2011, the first thing I thought was how will I be able to run to safety with my loved ones, documents, and my designer bags. Seriously. How pathetic, huh? I even call my bags my babies. I know, I know. But I’ve invested on those purses, ‘ya know? But in the end, they are just material things and what matters most is everyone’s safety.

Since then, I’ve trained my mind not to hold on to material things because you can lose them anytime. So that I won’t feel bad losing my life savings, umm, I mean my belongings, I try to keep my purses to a limit. I’ve learned to be picky – choosing quality over quantity – turning down some sales and saving my money for the ones I really want.

If I really wanna get something, I tell myself I have to get rid of something first (thanks to Poshmark), so that I don’t accumulate much. With traveling and constant moving, I just don’t have the luxury of space. I hate packing, unpacking and hauling everything – every. single. time.

Plus, it’s not like I have overflowing dollaz that I can buy a handful all at the same time. So you know, sometimes you have to let go of some things in order to make room for new ones! Besides, after a few years, there are certain styles, shapes or sizes that I get tired of. My taste changes with age and current trends too.


Whew, that was pretty long and I don’t wanna bore you anymore with my wisdom. Haha. So, back to the lace and jumpsuit. Do you recognize this lace kimono? Oh ya know – the kimono with the foot long fringe. Too bad every time I’d wash it, I forget the fringe keeps unraveling in the washer even if it’s inside a laundry net. Hand wash only, Cris. Hand wash only. Every wash it gets shorter and shorter!



Anyway, I thought the lace and blue print from the jumpsuit were a match made in heaven. The blue and white combo is always so refreshing and reminds me of a nautical look even though the print here isn’t a stripe. To keep the look light, airy and perfect for summer, I kept the accessories neutral – a taupe/tan cross body bag, espadrille sandals with a champagne upper, and a fun straw hat.





WEARING: Lilly Pulitzer for Target jumpsuit, lace kimono via T.J. Maxx, Praline sandals c/o Naturalizer, Valentino Milano Leidy bag, Target panama hat, Tory Burch sunglasses, Necklace c/o Belk, Tiffany & Co. Atlas bracelet c/o, Michael Kors buckle bangle, Nine West rhinestone bracelet, Margaret Elizabeth bangle c/o Rocksbox (use code myfashionjuicexoxo for 1 free month to wear designer jewelry), Jacques Lemans Formula 1 watch, Hermes Clic Clac H bracelet, Charriol bracelet, CoverGirl Outlast lipstick in Berry as seen in this post.

STYLEanthropists, I hope you enjoyed this simple lace and jumpsuit look, and I hope you are enjoying the rest of your summer! Xo. <3

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