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#ILookToHer this Valentines Day

Today at STYLEanthropy, I’m celebrating the most wonderful woman in my life this Valentines Day – my Mom! She’s my best friend, my confidant, my shopping partner, my critic and number 1 fan, my supporter, and so much more – even a frenemy at times. As someone who I consider a best friend, we get into petty fights too. But those don’t mean anything, because at the end of the day, I love her and I look to her!

Mother daughter photo

So this Valentines Day, I want her to get spoiled and feel loved. I mean, don’t you want that for your Mom or a woman you look up to? It could be your mentor, Grandma, your sister who stood up as a parent for you and your siblings, an aunt, a best friend who acted like your own blood, or anyone else who you love, trust and respect. One can never fail to start with flowers and chocolates (or whatever she fancies), right?

bouquet flowers, roses, chocolate chip brownies

I heard about FTD before but never had the chance to try them out. So I was pretty curious how bouquet of flowers would be delivered, especially since I chose a bouquet of roses and a variety of flowers in a purple vase. Purple is my mom’s favorite!

FTD floral bouquet box, roses for Valentines Day

Wouldn’t it be nice to get those flowers delivered to your doorstep instead? That way, you can hand-deliver it personally to the woman you look up to on Valentines Day! You can also set it up on her living room or table with more goodies.

bouquet flowers roses, chocolate chip brownies, Valentines Day gifts

I was surprised that my lowers in a vase came in a box. When it arrived, I admit I got a little bit worried. But when I opened the box, the flowers were fresh. The flowers come in their bud stage to maximize freshness and longevity. They were arranged in the vase but tied securely to the box with a zip tie. The vase was also secured to the box. All I needed to do was to remove the ties, grab them from the box in hopes of not messing up the arrangement, and fill it up with water and the flower mix included. But I was doubtful. I could mess this up!

FTD floral bouquet box, roses for Valentines Day

But it was easier than I thought because all the instructions to setup your bouquet of flowers is already printed on the box.

FTD floral bouquet box, roses for Valentines Day

There’s an insert in the box for your gift message too.

FTD floral box, gift message

So if you want to spoil her this Valentines Day, surprise her with a floral arrangement in her home. Set it up with her favorite dessert or whatever her favorite food is.

bouquet flowers roses, chocolate chip brownies, Valentines Day gifts

Or skip the calories and sugar, and go for a makeup bag instead. Fill it up with beauty products to make her feel pretty on Valentines Day! GUYS, take note!


Mother daughter selfie

STYLEanthropists, who is the woman you look up to? Who will you be celebrating this Valentine’s Day? Check out FTD Floral’s Valentine’s selection and let me know which one would be perfect for the woman in your life. Spread the love! Xo.

Disclaimer: FTD provided the bouquet of flowers but all opinions are my own.

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