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I Found My Solemates

Today at STYLEanthropy, I’m sharing with you my new found Solemates and I’m taking them with me to New York Fashion Week. NYFW is one of the most awaited events in the fashion industry and I can’t wait to see what this season brings! But if you think it’s all shiny and glamorous, think again. With the glam also comes the not so glam. There’s the pressure of looking all put together after running from show to show. You get cranky because there’s always a long line and wait to get in the shows, not to mention you’re in heels, and you’re hungry because there’s no time to eat in between. Oh yeah, did I say you’re walking and standing in heels for hours resulting to feet in so much pain (and blisters)? That’s where the Solemates come in.


Thanks to the Solemates for sending me these shoe care products. It’s perfect timing because tomorrow morning, I leave for New York to enjoy a couple of days of fashion fun. It’s my 5th year going to New York Fashion Week shows. So maybe I should celebrate there? Perhaps I will, and it will be more fun because my feet won’t be suffering this time around. Haha!


But anyway, I’m so grateful for being introduced to the Solemates’ line of shoe and foot care products. These will definitely save me this season. If only I knew of their products back then. I could have saved my feet from so much pain! Above are some of the shoe care products I’ll be using for my shoes.

  • Leather Protector – I’m tracking weather in NYC while I’m there and it looks like there will be rain. UGH! That’s why I’ll be spraying my shoes with this leather protector so it will help guard my shoes from nasty weather. It’s also perfect for suede and fabric. So if you’ve got suede shoes, don’t let water ruin it. This product will come in handy.
  • Shoe Freshener – I will be switching shoes in between shows and going around the city. To ensure my feet stays smelling sweet and fresh, I’ll be using this shoe freshener spray on my shoes the night before. But I’ve already sprayed it on the shoes I’m bringing with me and they are all smelling oh so good. They smell like baby powder now.


  • High Heeler high heels protector cap – can I say best invention ever? Ever wore high heels only to find out you will be walking on grass, bricks, or cobblestones later, and regret wearing those skinny heels? Yep, me too. Now, there won’t be grass (I hope – you’ll never know with fashion show productions) inside the fashion show venues. But getting to and from the shows, you’ll never know what you’ll walk into. Plus, I’ll be attending my first New York Fashion Week Cruise, and walking to the boat might get tricky. So these are very much appreciated!


  • Shoe Buff – another shoe care product I’m taking with me. With all the running around, potential subway rides and NYFW cruise, my shoes are bound to get dirty and dusty. Having this handy in my bag will keep my shoes looking shiny and new show after show, party after party.


  • Blister Blocker – the most important thing that I will hold closest to me is this. I just received a pair of designer pumps to wear to NYFW and it needs breaking in. Unfortunately, there won’t be time for that. So I’ll be heavily relying on this blister blocker to help me prevent potential blisters. It acts as an invisible barrier to help protect your feet from blisters. I tried it the other day and it didn’t leave any greasy residue, nor did it leave me with blisters. Happy Feet!!!


Thanks to the Solemates for sending these. Check out their shoe and foot care products on their website at


STYLEanthropists, I hope you found this post useful because I know I do. I wish I found out about them sooner. It would have saved me the trouble of all my past issues with wearing heels. If you wear heels to work all the time, this is a must. But it’s also perfect for those who only wear heels on special occasions because you are more susceptible to pain. Anyway, I have to go and get ready for New York Fashion Week. Make sure you follow on Snapchat (user styleanthropy), because that’s where I’ll be posting most of my #NYFW action!

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  • Reply Nakeya September 10, 2015 at 3:31 am

    Wow, I never knew these items even existed. I live and sleep in high heels. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  • Reply Chiara September 14, 2015 at 4:04 am

    OMG I need these! I wear so many heels for work and everyday wear, my feet all the care they can get.


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