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How to Wear a Poncho 5 Ways

Today at STYLEanthropy, I’m sharing with you tips on how to wear a poncho 5 ways! Lately, you may have noticed a surge of ponchos all over the stores, Instagram and interwebs. That’s because the poncho is such a cozy and comfy layering piece that does wonders to your fall wardrobe. Not only does it flatter and hide (no worries Holiday party belly and bat wing arms), the huge fabric makes a dramatic statement. It emphasizes the perfect fall prints, no matter if you’re wearing just jeans and a tee.

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How to Wear a Poncho 5 Ways

1. Wear it as a regular poncho. Obviously, the first way is to wear it the usual. If you lay out your poncho flat, it’s like a letter U. The inside curve in the U sits on the back of your neck while the two sides drape from the shoulders to the front of your body on either side. It’s just like wearing a neck pillow. I like to wear it like this when I’m on the go to run errands and need a light layer. I just throw it on and it instantly transforms jeans and a tee to the next level. I maybe guilty of wearing it at home too.




2. Wear it like a loose scarf. Just by gathering the fabric on either side to look like one long rectangular piece, you can easily transform a poncho to a scarf. I love multi-purpose pieces that can save you $$. I forgot to show you how you can wear this on top of a coat too – but you get the idea. If you have a teeny tiny frame and feel like ponchos are eating you up, try this.


3. Wear it as an infinity or square scarf. Just by tossing both ends on opposite sides, you can create the look of a square scarf. Tie up the ends at the back of your neck and you get an infinity scarf instead.




4. Wear it sideways. Instead of letting the two sides fall in front of your body, turn the poncho sideways and either tie the two ends together or toss each side on the opposite side (crossing them but not making a knot). I like this look because it creates a diamond shape in the front, giving it a Western style. I know what some of you are thinking… “Why is she wearing my grandma’s throw?” Ask me if I care. Nope. I love how this looks. So to each his own. 🙂




5. Wear it belted. Last but not the least, perhaps my most favorite way of wearing it, is by belting the poncho to give you shape. Again, if you have a tiny frame and feel like ponchos are too massive, belting it up will do the trick. You can use either a wide or a thin belt or tie, either works just fine. I used a simple black tie/ribbon from an old pair of pants and it matched pretty well. My tip is to insert the belt underneath the back part of the poncho so that the back is not belted. Only the front part of the poncho is tied. This makes it easier for you to move rather than belting the front and back all together. See the photos below for reference.





Obviously, you can tell this is my favorite way of wearing the poncho because of how many photos I’ve shared wearing it this way. Lol! If you’re curious about the poncho, it’s from Shop Zyania. They sent me this Black Tribal Ruana which I really love because of the tribal print. Tribal and plaid prints are so perfect for the fall season. Oh, and it’s only $34.99 right now. They have other prints and styles so make sure to check their shop.

They also sent me this super cute short brim hat. How did they know I wanted a gray hat that looks exactly like this? I’ve been on the lookout for one that’s affordable. So imagine my delight when I opened the box to see this. Thank you! Oh, and this is only $19.99, guys. I would get one if I were you. Fall is about hats, ponchos and boots! This hat also comes in black and camel.


WEARING: Black Tribal Ruana poncho and Rope Band Short Brim hat c/o Shop Zyania; Rebecca Taylor sweater; 7FAM jeans; Hunter boots; Chanel boy bag; monogram necklace; Gorjana Mika Lariat necklace; Kendra Scott double ring c/o; Barse ring; Apple watch; Ray-Ban aviators; nails c/o Boohoo; Velvet 59 by Paris Manning Kai-lea matte to the max liquid lipstick c/o.

STYLEanthropists, hope you liked this look and these tips on how to wear a poncho 5 ways. What other tips would you like me to feature next? Oh, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway on my new home blog -> home.styleanthropy.com! Yes, I created a separate sanctuary for home and food posts, so STYLEanthropy can focus ONLY on beauty and style posts. Check it out. Xo.

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