How to repair damaged hair
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How to Repair Damaged Hair with Dove

Today at STYLEanthropy I’m sharing with you how I’m repairing my hair from all the heat styling, hair coloring and what not. Add to that the winter weather, hot shower and indoor heater, and you’ve got hair that’s in desperate need of moisturizing! Full disclosure, I got the chance to try Dove Nutritive Solutions shampoo and conditioner for this sponsored post, but I’m sharing with you my honest opinions about the Intensive Repair Therapy below, along with tips on how you can repair damaged hair as well.


Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Review

  • Scent – like most Dove products, it smells gentle and light. It smells clean yet pure, if you know what I mean. I like that in my bath products – knowing it’s gentle and kind to your skin or hair, but also knowing that it is effectively cleaning at the same time.
  • Amount of product needed – a little goes a long way. Take for example, with other conditioners, I need to pile on the product to feel it smoothen my hair. But with the Dove Intensive Repair, I don’t have to.
  • Less hair fall and breakage – after taking a shower and brushing my hair, I noticed it’s more manageable and less hair fall out. It’s been a constant issue for me, having a lot of hair fall out after or during a shower. But I noticed when I started using these hair products that my hair fall has lessened. Yay!
  • No residue – another plus that I love about these products is that I dont get excess residue in my hair after bath. The problem with other moisturizing hair products is that sometimes, you can feel some residue in your hair. It gets sticky and icky, and I hate that feeling!

Dove Nutritive Solutions, shampoo, conditioner, bath essentials

Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Therapy Benefits

Want to find out more about the Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Therapy hair care products?

  • The shampoo reconstructs at the cellular level of hair, prevents split end and breakage, 5x smoother hair in one wash; enjoy weightless, beautiful hair without excess residue.
  • The conditioner smoothens, strengthens, and prevents split ends and breakage.
  • The Intensive Repair Therapy Mask, on the other hand, deeply restores and fortifies weak and damaged hair, while making hair smooth after every application.

Dove Nutritive Solutions shampoo conditioner, bath, hair care

Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner contain Keratin Repair Actives. They work immediately to repair the hair surface, while deeply nourishing the core of your hair to reconstruct it from within and make it healthier in the long run.


The Dove Nutritive Solutions products provide both instant and long term results, so your hair gets better and better with every wash. Dove Nutritive Solutions progressively nourishes to make hair soft, smooth and beautiful, day after day.

Dove Nutritive Solutions, shampoo, conditioner, bath, hair care

Wanna try it out yourself? Go check these hair care products at Walmart and share your thoughts on your social media channels with the hashtag #BeautyIs and #WMNutritiveSolutions to join the conversation!

How to repair damaged hair

Tips to Repair Damaged Hair

  1. Switch to a gentle yet repairing shampoo and conditioner like these Dove Nutritive Solutions hair products. Instead of using regular shampoo and conditioner, opt for products that will target your hair problems.
  2. Do a hair mask regularly. Try every two weeks or atleast once a month to help deeply condition your hair. Try the Dove Intensive Repair Mask to go with these shampoo and conditioner. While at it, soak yourself in a relaxing bubble bath. Try adding eucalyptus or epsom salt to your water, and use a lavender and/or chamomile foam bath gel for an ultra relaxing bath. Light some candles. Play some music. Read a book or a magazine. You’ll feel refreshed afterwards!
  3. Switch to a boar bristle brush like the one I’m using below. It’s a mix of plastic bristles for detangling, and boar bristles in between. Boar bristles naturally condition your hair. It evenly distributes your hair’s natural oil. So it creates shiny and healthy hair without styling products. It also helps stimulate the scalp – healthy scalp, healthy hair! I usually take a bath at night. So sometimes, after I dry my hair, I don’t give it as much “brushing time” because in my mind, I’m heading to bed anyway. Don’t do this. Remember the old saying (and probably long forgotten) 100 brush strokes? Do it… and do it with a boar bristle brush!
  4. Go easy on the hot shower. I know it’s hard to do especially during the winter season, but know that it strips your hair of its natural oils! If you are like me who LOVES really HOT showers, try lowering the temperature even just a little bit the next time you shower. Once you get used to it, lower it a little bit more on the next, until you get used to that temp. Adjust or lower it more for a warm, not scorching hot shower, and you’ll notice your hair bouncing back from dryness caused by heat!
  5. Use a heat protectant product when using styling tools such as blow-dryer and irons. Again, you want your hair safe and protected, not burned! Also, try to air-dry as much as you can to limit blow-drying too.
  6. Beauty starts from within. Drink your water (at least 8-10 glasses a day). It will keep you hydrated. Also, eat the good fats to keep your body healthy. Skin and hair will follow suit. Try adding in salmon, avocado, nuts, coconut oil/water, and olive oil to your regular diet, and it should help repair your hair from within.
  7. Get a trim regularly. Split or dry ends? That means your hair is growing too long that the nutrients and hair proteins can’t reach the ends anymore. Get a trim to get rid of the split or dry ends, while you repair the rest of your hair. So as it grows, it should be healthier than before.


Boar bristles brush, bath, hair

STYLEanthropists, hope you find these tips useful. Keep that hair healthy! Xo.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Lunchbox, but all opinions are my own.

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  • Reply Joanne Valentine January 31, 2016 at 12:15 pm

    Thanks for the tips on repairing damaged hair! I colour my hair and it causes it to be very dry if I use too much heat, the shower tip is a great one! Thanks x

    • Reply Cris Zaragoza February 1, 2016 at 3:36 pm

      Yup. I get very dry hair too and in need of a trim right now. Hope you find the tips useful. 🙂

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