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Hostess Gifts for the Holiday Season

One thing we know about the holiday season is the endless holiday parties. There’s one with family, with friends or with your squad, with work, your community, with other clubs or organizations you’re involved in, at your Church, etc. You know it. You get the drill. Now if you’re heading to a house party, you’re probably thinking of what to bring. So below, I’ve rounded up some fun hostess gifts for the parties this time of the year.


Clever Doormats

Funny doormats? Yes, please. When it’s this humorous, who wouldn’t appreciate such a gift?


Clever Doormats sent this to me and I’m obsessed. It’s very durable and sturdy. Made from coir, these doormats have top-quality ink to ensure the imprint won’t erode. It has PVC backing to prevent it from sliding out of place. And of course, nothing beats the funny phrases! Mats are 20 x 30 inches and start at $49.99.

Below are some of my other favorites. You can get them at And if it doesn’t arrive in time before Christmas, that’s fine. I know some of the holiday parties go all the way ’til January. So for NYE parties, you still have time to order these!



Wine or Liquor

As the Clever Doormat says, “Good friends bring wine”. So a quick and easy, not to mention affordable, hostess gift to bring is wine. If not wine or if you don’t know the kind of wine the hostess likes, then how about some fancy liquor that your hostess will want to display in her bar cart? May I suggest Baileys Almande? The bottle is beautiful plus, it’s perfect for those who can’t take dairy. It’s made with almond milk. So I’d like to think this is a healthier version of booze… haha!


Grab at a liquor store the day of the party and you’re done! Check Baileys website to find which stores carry this. Thanks to Baileys for sending this Almande!


A Gift Package of Green Tea

If you’re giving a hostess who lives a healthy lifestyle or is a tea aficionado, perhaps green tea would be more appropriate. I drink green tea twice a day and it has helped in so many ways with all of its healthy benefits – great antioxidant, improves brain function, boosts metabolism and burns fat, lowers risk of cancer, kills bacteria, and so on.


Now, I gotta be honest with you. Sometimes, I get bored drinking green tea twice a day, every single day. So sometimes, I add honey to change up the taste a bit. That’s why I’m glad to have been introduced to Good Earth Organic Sweet & Spicy green tea. They sent me a box to try and I loved it.

Hitting stores just in time for the holidays, Good Earth, one of America’s first herbal tea brands, is expanding its line with the introduction of Sweet & Spicy Green. This new variety boasts natural sweet fruit notes of mango and grapefruit with spicy cinnamon and tangy lemongrass, creating a bold and surprising taste that is as unique as your favorite tea lover.

If you saw my Insta-story the other day, I told you that it was sweet enough that it didn’t need any more honey or sugar. I loved it so much, I think I’ll be switching to this brand from now on. You can find it at local retailers for $4.20 a box of 18 tea bags. It’s also available in organic and decaf. So grab a couple of these, put in a basket, and give to your tea-loving hostess. Or grab a box and put it inside this cute holiday mug (it’s my favorite), and you’re good to go.


Argan Oil

As someone who loves to entertain too, I know exactly what a hostess might need. When I plan and prepare for a party, I do a lot of cleaning and washing my hands, decorating and washing my hands, cooking and washing my hands. You get the idea. When prepping for a party, I probably wash my hands a million times. Okay, maybe a hundred. That’s the perfect formula for dry hands. So be a lifesaver and get the hostess a bottle or two of this ActuallyOrganic 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil. This 1-oz bottle is only $11.99, the 2-oz is $15.99, and the 4-oz is $23.99.


ActuallyOrganic offers 100% natural beauty products with no harmful chemicals and no hidden ingredients. They claim that this is the best Argan Oil in the world, because they sampled from every grower in Morocco and narrowed it down to this one. It’s 100% Pure USDA Organic-Lab Tested for purity, meaning not synthetic. I tried it on my left hand the other day just to see how it would perform throughout the day. I compared it to my right and saw the difference. After several washes, my left hand was not as dry as my right hand. I bet this will be my best friend this winter season. Thanks to ActuallyOrganic for sending this!


Graeter’s Ice Cream

I don’t know about you, but a guest who brings dessert, a.k.a. ice cream, is a great guest in my book… especially if that guest brings a coffee or mocha flavored one. So consider that a nice hostess gift the next time you’re heading to a house dinner party. But since it’s the Holidays, don’t just get any ice cream. Try something fancy, like Graeter’s, hand-crafted French-pot ice cream. They also have gelato, sorbet, and low glycemic options!


While you can find these at local retailers, they also have neighborhood scoop shops where you can find more treats – not just for humans but also for your four-legged friends! Graeter’s Ice Cream is bringing back dog treats to all their scoop shops in a very big and special way. They are featuring treats made by Brewhaus Dog Bones specialty Dog Treats, a non-for-profit company dedicated to providing vocational training for young adults with disabilities. Each treat is handcrafted, small batch-made, oven baked and made from whole grains proudly sourced from local Cincinnati microbreweries. So if your hostess has a fur baby, might as well get him or her some treats for a good cause.


Nespresso Coffee and New Fall Flavors

If you know your hostess has a Nespresso machine, why not bring in coffee to go with the desserts they are serving? The latest fall flavors from Nespresso are delicious and festive, reminiscent of the season and the holidays. There’s pumpkin spice cake, gingerbread, and banana bread. My favorite is the pumpkin spice. Grab these at a local Nespresso Boutique or online.




Sugarfina Candies

These are the fanciest candies in town. If you follow a couple of style and home design blogs, Sugarfina treats may have popped up occasionally in their posts. Not only are they delicious, they are totally instagrammable candies! Haha. But kidding aside, for the sweet tooth hostess, these will totally do!



Fancy Candles: Henri Bendel

Henri Bendel has these candles that smell so good and would be perfect hostess gifts. It’s luxe but at the same time, still affordable compared to other candles that are way too pricey. Plus, their candles double up as home decor too.


That’s it! Those are a ton of holiday hostess gift ideas and I hope you found what you’re looking for! Enjoy your party and Happy Holidays!

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