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How to Host a Girls’ Night In

Today at STYLEanthropy, I’m sharing with you how you can host a girls’ night in! Who said we’re too old for pajama and slumber parties? We need our girly girl activities, ladies. So to make that fun night in with the squad, here’s a guide to help you plan the best night ever.

How to Host a Girls’ Night In



First thing’s first, you gotta have refreshments. A great girls’ night in begins with wine or bubbly. Am I right? But don’t worry. Even if you don’t drink champs, you can always substitute a sparkling drink. Match it to your theme by adding color to your drink. How? A pinch of cotton candy is all you need.


For this girls’ night in party, I chose pastel colors as the theme. It’s girly, but incorporates a lot of colors for everyone.



Add some light bites like cherries, nuts or even chocolates. Mini cupcakes and cookies are also fine. It’s all up to you ladies what treats you like best.



Cute Pajamas

Now that you’ve prepared your refreshments, it’s time to take out the cute pajamas. Match your theme if you wish. Or wear something quirky and fun. Here are some of my favorites.


Today has been canceled robe (currently on sale!!!)


VS Stripes and Plaid Pajamas | Heart Pajama Shirt (sold out but this is a similar style on sale)


Just Keep Pouring (it’s on sale!!!)

More Favorites Sleepshirts and Jammies

Cute, Clean and Comfy Bed

You got your refreshments down. You’ve chosen your cute sleep shirt or pajama outfit. Now it’s time to prepare the venue – your bedroom. You want to make sure it’s clean. Put fresh sheets, please.

TIP: If you hate to iron bed sheets but don’t want them to look all wrinkled, opt for quilted ones! It’s not too noticeable.


You can also decorate and make it cute to fit your theme. Take for example, I’ve added some pink raspberry pillows here.


The more pillows, the better. So everyone can grab one to cuddle. Or perhaps a pillow fight, anyone?


And of course, the bed has to be comfy too! We actually just replaced our mattress with the GhostBed mattress that comes in this compact box. I’m telling you in all HONESTY that I’ve never slept better. Our old memory foam mattress, despite only under 6 years, has already been sagging in some parts. When we switched, it made a huge difference. Sleeping on our new GhostBed for the past month, I haven’t had any back pains!

GhostBed mattress, bed

Want to find out more? I’ve included my GhostBed review in the video below. But if you’d like to read my full review, check it out on my home blog.

The Beauty Products for a Girls’ Night In

Now, for all the beauty goodness and pampering that are about to ensue – I’ve listed everything you’ll need or want to do with the girls below. Let’s start with the hair all the way to the feet. FYI, a lot of these goodies will be given away too!

Hair Mask and Coconut Infused Brush

Dry hair? Split ends? Then you and your girls need some lovin’ in your hair. This active mud mask for hair and scalp c/o Borghese is easy to use. Just apply it all over the hair and scalp. Let it stay for a couple minutes while you mingle and nibble! Or perhaps watch a romantic comedy movie while you let it work its magic!


Now have you heard of a brush that’s infused with coconut oil? Me neither… until I was introduced to Cricket®. Their Ultra Smooth™ Coconut Detangling Brush available at Ulta, is infused with Coconut Oil and Keratin Protein, as well as designed to use on wet or dry hair to smooth and detangle your salt water drenched ends or unknot windblown hair.

cricket ultra smooth coconut detangling brush

Who wants one? Yes, you’re getting that in the giveaway, thanks to Cricket®! More deets later.

borghese mask, cricket ultra smooth coconut detangling brush

Cosmedix Facial Care

Once you’re done with the hair and scalp mask, and you’ve brushed and dried your hair, it’s time to do the face. Tie that hair up and let’s get to pampering your pretty faces. I was recently introduced to Cosmedix and was sent these products. I love how gentle the oil cleanser really is. And I’m surprised I don’t get breakouts with it.


And when you want to do some exfoliating, just add the powder to the cleanser on your hand. Mix it up. Then lather on your face in a circular motion before finally rinsing. Finish off with a moisturizer. Love that this one has sunscreen too.


Conture Lifting and Tightening

Okay, ladies. We’re not growing any younger (just young at heart). But even if you don’t have any wrinkles or fine lines yet, I highly recommend Conture. It’s comparable to the device being used at professional med spas. So you and your girls can tighten, lift and get rid of wrinkles, lines and crow’s feet by regularly using this beauty skin toning system.

Conture Skin Toning System, facial care

More info and a discount code here.


Eye, Lip and Face Masks

Have you heard of masks for your lips? It’s a thing. I super love this lip gel c/o Patchology because it makes my lips so smooth and soft especially after traveling. Traveling can take a toll on your skin and face, leaving you dehydrated, dry or oily (it depends on your skin). My lips get chapped, I break out. UGH! So, grab a pack of these lip gels and let your girls try it too. It really feels so relaxing, perfect for a girls’ night in!



While you’re at it, try the eye gels as well. Since you’re going to be staying up late with the girls, might as well keep the bags under control, right?



But if you want full on face masks, Patchology has a lot of varieties to choose from, catering different skin issues. I’ll be giving some of these in the giveaway too.


Body Scrub and Foot Scrub

Let’s go on full spa mode with some body and foot scrubs. Or just let them use this body scrub from the legs down. I’m loving this scrub c/o Frank Body because it’s made of coffee. I don’t know if you recall me talking about coffee scrubs ages ago, but they do have a lot of benefits! I used to DIY my own coffee scrub, but it can get messy. And if I have a million things to do, it makes more sense to just have Frank Body ready in the bathroom! I just used it at my last spa day at home. You’re getting one as well!

amope pedi foot scrub, frank body coffee scrub

As for my foot scrub, I really love my pedi file c/o Amope. I’ve blogged about them a couple of times on MFJ. I even gave one to one of my girlfriends. It’s just so convenient to do it whenever I feel dry skin on my soles or feel any calluses showing up. MUST!

Self Tanning

Okay, if you ever want to do any tanning, and make your guys and other friends think you went to a vacation instead, then try this self tanning dry oil c/o Vita Liberata. It’s easy to apply but there’s always the tanning mitt if you don’t want mess on your hands. The coverage is great because it made my legs look flawless after trying this! Curious about this? Don’t worry because it’s part of the giveaway!


Mani and Pedi Tools

One of the most common pampering sessions during girls’ sleepovers is of course, manicures and pedicures. So make sure you’re prepared. Grab a variety of nail polish colors, cute nail files, and even some flash tattoos. These tattoos will go well with your new tan. Everyone else will ask, did you go on a ladies night or a beach vacation? Hah!


And since parties aren’t complete without giveaways, these flash tats, nail files and polishes double up as giftss. You can also prepare small bags to put these in after they’re done with their mani and pedis. That way, they have a new nail color and cute nail file to bring home.


Beauty Giveaway

Now speaking of giveaways, who wants to win this Lancome beauty bag filled with a lot of the beauty products mentioned here and more?


I know you want it. So stay tuned for the giveaway contest page coming up this weekend. Hah! Not wanting to be such a tease. Sorry for leaving you hanging. 🙂


Hope these tips help you out on your next girls’ night in. Let me know if you love to host these types of sleepovers with the girls. Until then. Xo.

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