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Hair Recipes Egg Shampoo and Conditioner

Today at STYLEanthropy, I’d like to share with you this product I was recently introduced to – Hair Recipes Egg Shampoo and Conditioner. Egg shampoo? I know the many benefits of egg yolk for the hair. But it’s actually my first time hearing about an egg and cognac shampoo, and an egg yolk conditioner. So I got really curious.


Hair Recipes introduced me to their Egg & Cognac and Egg Yolk line of hair care products and sent me these. It’s a newly launched brand that offers natural, sulfate and paraben-free line that uses household ingredients like beer, yogurt, eggs, cognac, avocados, honey and other tasty products to treat specific hair issues, including dry, oily or chemically treated hair.

Now for years, egg yolk is being used in DIY hair masks, thanks to its proteins that help strengthen hair. In addition, since egg yolk is high in fat, they make one of the best natural moisturizers for hair and skin too! Not gonna lie, I’ve never tried to do an egg hair mask for myself. I just feel like it’s too messy and sticky. So when I found out that Hair Recipes created egg and cognac shampoo and an egg yolk conditioner? I thought to myself, finally, I can test egg yolk on my hair!


Don’t be afraid of the shiny and yellow color, guys. I was afraid myself at first. But then, I smelled the bottle, and was surprised of the lovely smell. No rotten egg smell or anything, lol. It was just like regular shampoo and conditioner. No sticky feeling in the product, and it actually smelled so good.


My hair has had its ups and downs… I admit, sometimes I give it enough attention, other times I neglect it. Sometimes I forget to apply a heat protectant when I style with hot styling tools… okay maybe 70% of the time, I forget… bad me. At the same time, I regularly color my hair. While I do regular hair masks after a color treatment, once I’ve passed a week or so, I’m back to the “neglecting part”.

A few weeks ago, I was surprised to see split ends after my last color treatment. So yeah, I needed something that will strengthen my hair and give it more shine, while I discipline myself and take more care of my hair. So far, Hair Recipes is helping me with getting back shiny hair. I love that Macadamia Oil they sent me. I use it after washing my hair. I’m still observing my hair for breakage, but I noticed the splits ends were almost gone. I’m excited to finish the bottle and see more results.


If you’d like to try their hair products, you can find them at And don’t worry about shipping because they ship for free. Even more convenient, right? Let me know if you try it out. Xo, C. <3

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