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Flare Jeans and the 70s Fashion Trend

There’s been a growing trend this summer that’s going big this fall season. It’s the 70s fashion trend and with it comes the rise of the flare jeans too. In case you haven’t noticed, those bell bottom jeans are back, but more refined for the modern woman. You may have noticed the increase in flare jeans in stores, what with the growing popularity that started earlier this year. That trend is flowing to fall season, to go with the new Boho and 70s trends. There’s gonna be a lot of fringe, suede, camel colors, floppy hats, flares, saddle bags, bohemian dresses and tops. I’m loving it!


I’m a little late to join the bandwagon since I’ve gotten rid of all of my flared jeans. I think. See, that’s the problem when you can’t see the back of your closet anymore. I feel like it’s time to purge once more. I’ve already gotten rid of a lot of my older jeans awhile back. But before that, I used to keep everything.

A few years back, I still have my jeans from high school. I’m not kidding. But years of constant traveling (and temp relocations due to work) can put a toll on you. The never ending packing and unpacking will change your perspective on material things.

I used to hold on to every single thing I own. I think it’s human nature to do so anyway. But sometimes, you’re forced to change your habits and discover that change can be good. Moving forces you to rethink your belongings because it can be a daunting task to pack and unpack. And if you’ve been doing it for the last 4 years, you start to hate it. You try to get rid of as much stuff as you can prior to a move, especially if it’s thousands of miles away where going back and forth is not an option.

I’ve learned to let go of things I’ve never ever worn in years. I’ve learned to simplify. I’ve chosen quality over quantity. It has also affected my purchases, mostly home stuff, always having to think if it can still fit a u-haul truck or pod. Funny but necessary.

But to be honest, I rarely shop – for myself. Do I hear a negative reaction? I’m serious. I do buy and sell, in case you didn’t know. So that’s probably the only reason I go on deal hunting. And most of the time, when I photograph what I sell, I also take advantage of the photos and use it for outfit posts here on the blog.

Honestly, the reason why I rarely shop for myself is because of this blog! I’m grateful that blogging comes with the perks of getting new outfits, beauty products and more. I get to try new trends and share them with you without having to spend. Most of the time, sponsors give you a budget and allow you to choose/shop whatever you like from their store. That way, I get to pick what I really like. The only time I’ll shop using my money is when I really want something different from what I get from sponsors.

These days, I rarely go to the malls. If I do, there’s probably a reason like buying a gift for someone else, etc. If I wanna shop for myself, I prefer to shop online, especially when it’s free shipping. I admit, you’ll find me more at Target, Marshalls or TJ Maxx, because it’s just across from where I live. Plus, I’m cheap. I do, however, spend more on purses, shoes, watches and sunglasses, and usually buy them online.

Wait a minute, we were talking about flare jeans and I just told you all about my shopping habits. But I wanted to share that with you to inspire you to purge as well. More often than not, a cramped closet is the reason why we don’t have anything to wear in the morning. It’s because we can’t see everything and couldn’t find what will go with what. So get rid of all the unnecessary. Sell what you can sell to consignment stores, eBay or Poshmark. Donate the rest that you can’t sell but are still in good wearable condition. And those that have seen their better days, put them in the trash! It will make your closet look more organized and will make it easier to find an outfit.


Speaking of outfit, let’s talk about what I’m wearing. A month ago or so (ashamed of such procrastination and tardiness), Denise of Beauty and the Pleats asked a couple of us Dallas fashion bloggers if we wanted to participate in a $20 thrift store challenge. A style challenge? Count me in! To be honest, and don’t get mad at me Denise, lol, I almost forgot about it. And when I remembered to do it, I was feeling lazy to head to the thrift store.

It’s been awhile since I went to one. Whenever I go to donate stuff, I try to check what’s inside as well. When I do, I usually only go to the furniture and bag/accessory sections. I love DIY/refinishing projects. Thus, the furniture section. As for the bag section? I once found a Dior bag for an insanely low price, a pair of Jimmy Choos, and someone beat me to a $5 (or was it a $10) Chanel purse – authentic. Tear. That would have been a great sale.

So one day, after I dropped Louis at the vet for his annual shots, I went to the post office to pick up shipping boxes. When I got there, lo and behold there was a thrift store next to it. Since I had time, I stopped by, remembering I said yes to a $20 thrift challenge! So here’s what I got.


  • Cream blazer – $6.99
  • Mango leopard print top – $6.99
  • Flare jeans – $3.50
  • TOTAL: $17.48

Woohoo! Outfit under $20. And if you want to question me with the rest… Cotton On floppy hat was $5 from a sale. I love this one from ASOS for $16.


Coach sandals were $59 (down from 200 bucks I think).


Earrings and Gorjana Mika Lariat and Arrow necklaces were c/o Rocksbox.


Ivy fringe bracelet and Naomi double ring were c/o Kendra Scott. Jacques Lemans Formula 1 watch was via my earned credits from Haute Look. Louis Vuitton Eva clutch/bag was also via my earned credits from Bag Borrow or Steal.


I love BBOS because they are not just a bag rental service, they also sell preowned (and some new) bags and other accessories. They have a monthly sale of 30% off and you can find Chanel, Hermes, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and more at a great price. They are guaranteed 100% authentic. And everything I received from them so far came in great condition.

This LV Eva, however, is just on loan. I wish I can use my credits to purchase. But unfortunately, this bag is not available to purchase, and I cannot use my earned credits to buy. They’re only for rentals. Sad. But still, I enjoyed wearing their bags even just for a month at a time.

Let’s be honest. Unless you are Chiara Ferragni, Ivanka Trump, Kim Kardashian or any other celebrity with overflowing moolah to buy all the purses your heart so desires (or get gifted by the designer themselves), it’s hard to buy every bag you fall in love with. So being able to borrow for those special days like your birthday or perhaps a getaway, can come in handy.

If you wanna try it out, you can sign up here. I’ve gotten quite a number of great deals on purchases from them during their 30% off days and a lot of them were even brand new ones. I’m not gonna lie, most of them made its way to my Poshmark closet for resale. So if you made it to here, still reading what I’m saying, and you sell on Posh, that’s a secret advice I just gave you!


Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this long post. I kinda got carried away because I was half asleep writing them at 5 am. Haha. If you like to see the rest of the Dallas fashion bloggers who participated in this $20 Thrift Store Challenge, check them out here. Xo, C.

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