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Eat Sleep Blog Repeat

Today, I’m sharing this tee that basically sums up my life at the moment: Eat Sleep Blog Repeat! Any bloggers out there with me on this? When Katydid Collection offered to send me her (then latest) #ootd line of tees last year, I knew I had to choose this shirt among them. I know, I’m a bit late sharing this, but it’s still available online if you want one.


My life has been like this for the past… umm… I can no longer count. Eat Sleep Blog Repeat. That’s basically my life in a nutshell. And sometimes, I get buried in all of that blog work that I overlook other things.

On the other hand, too much blogging can also put a toll on you. Just like any other work, too much can cause you burn outs. So over time, I’ve learned to give more time to myself… do more of the things I love… you know, stop and smell the roses? So you may have noticed the frequency of blog posts have lessened.

But then again, I still find myself busy these days managing more than 2 blogs! There’s my older one, My Fashion Juice, that we recently successfully transferred to a new web provider and server – whew! That took a couple of days to finish. So if there were days that I’ve been mentioning on my snaps or social media that I’m so busy and yet you don’t see a new post, that means I’m working on the back end of things.

And then there’s my tech and travel blog, On The Road With Z and also my latest home and food posts only blog, STYLEanthropy at Home. Check those blogs out if you haven’t. OTRZ hasn’t been updated recently but I have a lot of travel posts lined up for that. Anyway, I digress. Back to the outfit!



Anyway, these photos were taken last year… biking around Pittsburgh (around Golden Triangle) in these Healthy e-Ride Bikes, aka Next Bikes. One of the things I love about the Steel City is how bike-friendly it is and how you can really go around with just bikes! Plus, there are several Next Bikes stations where you can rent one for about $2 an hour (if I remember correctly). And if you want to rent a bike for the whole day or so, there are several bike rental shops in and around the city that offers daily rental fees and such.


As soon as winter dies down and warm weather rolls in, you’ll see everyone walking, jogging, running, doing water sports, and cycling. Actually, even during the winter, you’ll still see some braving the cold running or walking… including me and the hubs. The husband walks to work (only 4 buildings away – plus parking lots in between) even if the temp is below 0 degrees (Fahrenheit). He is crazy. It’s not a long walk, but in that temperature, it’s hard! I walk Louis out too. But when winter is that harsh, we can only make it half way through.


Going back to biking, ever since we got to Pittsburgh, we’ve been wanting to get our own bikes. We live right next to a trail, and we see so many cyclists passing by and wished we had our own. The only thing that stopped us was what if we got assigned back to Texas in the next 3 months or so? We didn’t want to add more items to haul back because I’m pretty sure our stuff will no longer fit a U-Box (it’s a U-Haul pod). So we’re lucky that these Healthy e-Rides were accessible and affordable too. Whenever we feel like biking, we can just rent bikes and go around the city.


Anyway, 3 months have passed… 6 months have passed… a year has passed… we’re still here in Pittsburgh! So, obviously, we just had to give in. Next Bikes were great. But we really wanted our own bikes that we can take anytime, anywhere. So we got ourselves new bikes last month – as anniversary gifts to ourselves. You’ve already seen my cruiser in this post. But I’ll share more about that purchase over at OTRZ soon.



Obviously, I digress a lot. Haha. So, I’ll just stop right here and show you more photos of this look… didn’t know we were still in the same Eat Sleep Blog Repeat shirt post. LOL! I tell yah, if you can read my mind, you’ll get lost in a spider web of stories and ideas. I am pretty sure I have ADHD.







Eat Sleep Blog Repeat tee c/o KatyDid
H&M culottes
Cotton On kimono
Hermes H belt
Snake print sandals c/o French Connection
Valentino studded sunglasses
Chanel Boy Bag in old medium
Kate Spade polka dot bangle c/o Belk
Hermes clic clac bangle
Margaret Elizabeth tear drop cuff c/o Rocksbox
Gorjana necklace c/o Rocksbox
Michael Kors buckle bangle
Nine West rhinestone bracelet
Philip Stein large watch

Thanks for stopping by, friends! Keep coming back to STYLEanthropy! Xo, Cris.

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