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Easy Brow Tutorial + Billion Dollar Brows

Today at STYLEanthropy, I want to share with you an easy brow tutorial and how I do it with the help of Billion Dollar Brows. In case you’re not familiar with this eyebrow pencil, it’s a great affordable universal brow pencil that you can find at Kohl’s. Yup, you read that right – universal – meaning it will work with most skin tones and hair colors.


The eyebrow pencil is automatic, so you don’t have to do any sharpening. Then on the other end of the pencil is a spoolie brush for brushing and blending.


For a brow pencil that’s under 20 bucks, I’m pretty impressed with it. Who says you can’t have beautiful brows without spending a fortune? So below, I’m sharing a super easy brow tutorial using Billion Dollar Brows to create natural-looking eyebrows.


Lately, I’m all about the brows, ’bout the brows, ’bout the brows (singing to the tune of all about the bass). The eyebrow pencil is probably one of my most-used beauty products. It’s the makeup that I always wear. I can skip the blush, the contour, the highlight, eyeshadow, the eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick. But I won’t skip the eyebrows!

It’s true when they say that eyebrows frame your face. For me, it just instantly gives you that put-together look, even if the rest of the makeup is missing. For a super quick natural-looking makeup, I’d always just wear either a powder foundation or a tinted moisturizer. Then I do my eyebrows, put on a tinted lip gloss or lip balm, and call it a day.

Easy Brow Tutorial

I know a lot still neglect their eyebrows. Others are just too overwhelmed, what with all the eyebrow hype these days. But you know what? You can always start easy and I think this is the perfect easy brow tutorial for you!

1. Start by brushing your eyebrow hair upwards to see the natural shape of your brows. Use the Billion Dollar Brows’ spoolie brush to do so.


2. Now with the eyebrow pencil standing vertically, level the base of your nose to your eyebrows. That’s where your eyebrows should begin. Mark with a dot.


3. Now move the top end of the eyebrow pencil outward up to where it crosses the edge of your pupil, to find your arch. Mark the arch with a dot.


4. Now to know where your eyebrow should end, move the top of the pencil diagonally again up to where it crosses the outer corner of your eyes. Mark that point in the brow line, that’s where your brows should end.


5. Now that you have all 3 dots marked, connect the dots to create the top line/border of your eyebrows.


6. Now, line up the bottom of your eyebrows, using the top line as a guide. Don’t worry about messing it up, this is just an outline.


7. Now that you have both top and bottom lines, it’s time to fill in the middle. Draw short swift strokes inside the two lines. Again, don’t worry about the imperfections because we want to make it look as natural as possible.


8. Once everything is filled up, you can do a quick brush using the spoolie to soften up your brows. You can leave it as is or use a concealer, liquid foundation or a highlighter pencil to clean up the bottom and top of your brows as needed. Using a foundation or concealer brush, just swipe some foundation or concealer on top or at the bottom of your brows for a clean look. If using a highlighter pencil, just draw next to the brows, either top or bottom, and then with a small brush, blend out the highlighter to avoid showing any harsh lines.


Now you’re done!


Wasn’t that so easy? Hope you enjoyed this easy brow tutorial and I hope you learned something new today. If you want to try out Billion Dollar Brows eyebrow pencil, you can get it at any Kohl’s near you or at Until the next! Xo, C. <3

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by BrandBacker but all opinions are my own.

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