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Cuffed in Larimar

Today at STYLEanthropy, I’m introducing you to a new line of gorgeous turquoise gemstones from Larimar, after being introduced to the brand myself. Upon discovering their beautiful stones, I just had to do a bit of research about Larimar history. As it turns out, the Larimar stone is a relatively new find – one that has only been discovered in the Dominican Republic, situated at the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea. I just had to see their pieces for myself.


They sent me this beautiful Free Form cuff and I was at awe with the gorgeous stone. I admit, it was a bit loose on me. But the good thing is that it’s adjustable, thanks to the free form style/shape of this cuff. I can adjust it to my liking, wear it all the way just before the elbow, and when warmer weather arrives, I can also wear this as an arm cuff! But with the cold temps we are having as of late, I decided to wear it over my black thermals…


… topped off with a gorgeous poncho I received for my birthday/Christmas a couple weeks ago. See the full look below.


I love that this outfit is casual but dressed up. The jeans dress down the entire look. But the black fringe poncho with the metallic details AND the tall black suede boots with metal detail in the heel, keep this look business casual appropriate.


It’s a great casual Friday outfit you can wear to work. Add in a big and roomy tote, so you can carry your laptop, tablet or paperwork if you have to. This Tory Burch tote was a gift to myself from my Christmas birthday. I used the birthday gift card I received from Tory Burch and added a bit to get this. If you’ve been here for awhile now, then you know I’ve been talking about how I’ve been wanting to get this packable (foldable) tote! So yay! It’s been my go-to bag the past month, ever since receiving it in the mail.


If you want to see more of the brand’s jewelry or other similar cuffs, check out the Larimar bracelets on their site. If you’re a turquoise jewelry lover, then you’ll fall for their pieces. But it’s not only the color and beautiful stone that will captivate your eye. I found out about Larimar healing, how these gemstones have metaphysical properties that help with your well-being. Read all about it and see for yourself.



Obviously, it was way too windy… hah!



WEARING: Free Form Cuff c/o Larimar; black fringe poncho (gifted one but found you similar options below); tall suede boots c/o Topshop; H&M shaping skinny jeans c/o Tanger Outlets; Tory Burch Ella packable tote; Tory Burch earrings c/o; Kate Spade mirrored sunglasses; Michael Kors bag charm; lipgloss in Valentina c/o Velvet 59.

Isn’t this cuff so gorgeous?


Speaking of New York (as seen in the photo book above), I’ve been contemplating on whether to head to NYFW again this February or not. I already got a couple of invites to shows, but worried about how the weather will be like. Last February 2015, we were stuck at a gas station for a couple of hours on our way home because of the blizzard. Literally, you could only see spider web-like snow hitting the windshield and nothing more. 2014 was okay. But in 2013, I didn’t go the last minute because there were so many cancelled and delayed flights, and I would be coming from Dallas, Texas back then. September shows are my favorite. If only weather forecast is available and accurate 2 to 3 weeks in advance! Well, let’s see. I may have to wait the last minute before deciding!

STYLEanthropists, hope y’all have a wonderful weekend. What do you think of the Larimar stones and jewelry? Let me know. OH, and P.S., don’t forget to join my latest giveaway here. Happy FriYAY!

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