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Couple Workout Date

Today on STYLEanthropy, I’m sharing about setting a Couple Workout Date. Most of our Spring and Summer Saturdays have been spent outdoors – biking, jogging, or working out – just like yesterday. As long as the weather permits (add to that my health), my husband and I strive hard to work out. We’re not getting any younger, so we try our best to be active and work for a stronger body.

Couple Workout Date

It’s always fun to do things with your loved one – wherever or whatever that might be. Here’s a look at our typical weekend. We start out with a 5-mile bike ride.


Okay, technically, it’s a couple workout date + a spoiled fur baby…



A few minutes before our destination, we take a water break and do some stretching here. It’s a great stopping point because of the beautiful views of the city.



When we didn’t have our bikes yet, we used to just walk/jog the 5 miles, one way. Whew!




His and Hers Workout Shoes

Whatever workout or outdoor activity we do that day, our choice of workout shoes would always be Vionic Shoes.

workout, activewear, his her shoes, vionic shoes, workout couple

I kid you not, my husband even wears his pair EVERY SINGLE DAY to work! He just loves the comfort and support it gives.


I’ve told you about Vionic before. But in case you missed it, let me refresh your memory. Vionic Shoes feature Orthaheel Technology, a biomechanic orthotic footbed that naturally aligns your feet and may help to relieve heel pain by reducing over-pronation. And in this post, I told you that I had achy feet from walking with another pair of boots. For a few days, my feet were in pain until I switched to Vionic. The following day when I wore my Vionic pair, I was so surprised that the pain had disappeared. Since then, I kept using Vionic Shoes when I know I’ll be doing a lot of walking!


Vionic Activewear Shoes: Hers in Gold (other colors now on sale) and His in gray c/o


Some More Workout Ideas

So my husband’s got a proxy for these… lol!

30 seconds of Cross Crunch

Just do a crunch with your arms crossed and let the elbows meet the thighs on your way up.


I think Louis is giving up…


Too tired…


30 Seconds of Bridge Crunch

Start with a sit-ups position. First lift your shoulders and head towards your body. Then put it down and lift your the mid-section. Put it down and go back to lifting the shoulders and head again. Repeat. I’ll share a video later. So don’t worry.


30 seconds ISO Bike

Workout the obliques by letting your opposite elbow and knees meet, then switch.


Want the full 10 minutes of ab workout? Watch this:

Love mesh leggings like I do? Check out my faves below:

Hope this post inspires you to set couple workout dates too! Until next!

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