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Today at STYLEanthropy, I’m sharing with you all about the Box of Style. When I first started out my fashion blog, My Fashion Juice, I was heavily inspired by Rachel Zoe. I watched all the episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo back then. I follow the daily articles on The Zoe Report. And even back when I was in middle school, my fave magazine to buy was YM where she was an editor. It’s no surprise because we both share the love of Boho-Chic!

Fast forward to today, I had just ordered my first (embarrassed fan of RZ) Box of Style. Box of Style is a quarterly subscription of fashion, beauty and lifestyle items. If I’m not mistaken, it started this year with a Spring Box last April. The second box was last Summer and the third box which was shipped early this month, for Fall. Their fourth box, which is for Winter, is set to be shipped/delivered this December 1. I’ve been seeing the contents from the previous boxes and I’m like, “why haven’t I subscribed yet”? Let me show you why it’s worth it!

Fall 2015 Box


I was so bummed that I missed on the Fall box because that Topshop hat is beyond gorgeous and the Cluse watch with interchangeable strap looks so chic. Those two alone are already way over $100 – which is the subscription box price.

Summer 2015 Box


Umm… a limited edition Mara Hoffman sarong? Why did I not know about this? I’ve been completely busy the past couple of months that I’ve ignored reading some emails and newsletters!

Spring 2015 Box


This maybe my least favorite of the three boxes. But getting that $200 cuff for half the price, along with the other items in this box is a great deal.

So if those photos don’t convince you yet, watch this Fall Box unveiling by Rachel Zoe.

I know $100 can be a lot for a subscription service. I feel you. I really do. All my past subscriptions were just complimentary – for blogging about them. And once the free period ends, I cancel my account.

THIS, however, is the FIRST subscription box that I paid for. Yes, this is not a sponsored post or an ad. I am just so excited about this subscription that I wanted to write a blog post about it and share it with you. And of course, if you are convinced as I am that this subscription is totally worth it, I invite you to sign up here with my link because it will get you $10 off your first subscription. It may also get me a free box when 5 of you sign up, and I really hope you do!

When I saw the Fall box and found out it has sold out, I felt a bit of regret. You know I love watches and I love hats. Fedoras are perfect for fall, and the fact that it’s from Topshop? Those two were worth the hundred bucks. So I told myself, I have to watch out for the next box which is the Winter/Holiday box. And then this morning I got the email showing a preview of the holiday box…


That is an Alexis Bittar ring worth $198. It’s the hero item of the Holiday box. FYI, each Box of Style has a hero item that is worth over $100. So whatever comes with that hero item is like an added bonus! It also said in the preview email that because Holiday is the season of giving, it will contain over $400 worth of fashion, beauty and lifestyle finds. That sealed the deal for me and I subscribed immediately.

With the $10 off, I only paid $96 (free shipping, plus tax) for that $198 designer ring along with other items worth over $400. And if I get something that’s not my style or not a fit, I’m pretty sure it will be a great Christmas gift to give too! So yeah… that $90 was well worth it!!! I get a glamorous bling ring and I get fancy gift items to give away to family and friends as well!

STYLEanthropists, if you want to receive the Holiday Box, make sure to sign up now because Rachel Zoe’s boxes sell out fast. I know this because I missed out on the Fall box and I’m still bitter up to now. LOL. Xo.

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