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Best Paw Forward + DIY Bowtie for Dogs

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We were just in New York last weekend for fashion shows, but there’s another kind of show that Louis and I would love to see too. It’s the prestigious Westminster Dog Show! Inspired by this year’s beautiful dogs, I thought I’d share how I prepare Louis to show his best paw forward and with a nice DIY bowtie outfit, no less! It’s nice to be prepared in case you win a trip to the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, right?

Purina Westminster

Best Paw Forward: How I Prepare Louis

With the recent Westminster Dog Show in New York, Louis and I are sharing his grooming routine to look, act, and smell his best! I’ve enumerated them below. After that, there’s a super easy tutorial for his new bowtie too.

1. Doggy Bath Time

Louis is not particularly fond of bath time. He knows the phrase “take a bath” all too well and despises it. BUT, he will go to the bathroom on his own as long as there is motivation or a reward! He will even jump into the tub with the right treat. Haha! And once he is in the tub, he’s very patient. He won’t try to get away. He’ll let you finish giving him a bath. So I can give him a good scrub and get that shampoo all over!


2. Blow Dry the Hair

After each bath, we blow dry his hair so he can quickly go back to his daily activities (a.k.a. eat, sleep, go out to chase squirrels, cats, and ground hogs).


3. Brush Hair

While blow-drying his hair, it’s also the perfect time to brush it. It helps minimize shedding and keeps the hair smooth.

4. Clean Ears and Brush Teeth

Up next, clean the ears and brush the teeth. We need to get them sparkly!


6. Accessorize

When all of the grooming is done, it’s time to accessorize. How cute is a bowtie for dogs? It’s an easy way to dress up our four-legged babes. It’s also easy to make. Don’t worry I’m sharing the DIY tutorial at the bottom of this post.


7. Fuel Up

After he is all cleaned up, it’s time to let him refuel. It’s a big part of making sure he acts his best – just like the other champion dogs at the Westminster Dog Show! There’s a series of #TheDogumentaries showing how they get to Westminster and here’s one of the sneak peeks.

Like those dogs, Louis loves his Purina® Pro Plan® DOG FOOD! We buy the Bright Mind™ 7+ Formula. About a year ago, when Louis turned 7 years old, we decided to give this dog food a try. It’s intended for 7+ years of age, formulated with botanical oils to promote alertness and mental sharpness. The Omega-3 fatty acid and glucosamine also help with mobility and support joint health. And you know what? Ever since, we noticed him being more alert and active again. He got back to being playful like how he was when he was younger. We even taught him new tricks and were surprised he learned them quickly! And with real chicken as an ingredient, it was a sure hit with Louis.


It’s definitely Nutrition that Performs®! I think fueling the past 10 Westminster champions is proof enough.


Can you tell Louis smelled his favorite dog food on the shelves at our recent PetCo trip?


You can find Purina Pro Plan dog food at PetCo. And while at it, don’t forget to enter the Pro Plan PetCo Sweepstakes to win a trip to the 2018 Westminster Dog show!


DIY Bowtie for Dogs

Now as promised, here’s a super easy DIY bowtie for your four-legged cutie! Oh, and this tutorial will totally work for humans too. Just substitute the hair tie with a long garter or something similar. Let’s begin.


What You’ll Need for the Doggy Bowtie

  1. Strips of old neckties or a tie from a shirt, coat or dress
  2. Thread and needle
  3. Hair tie/elastic
  4. Scissors
  5. Your dog’s collar


1. Cut and Fold Your Fabric

Begin by cutting an 8-inch strip from your tie or necktie. For a bigger bowtie, you can do 9 to 10 inches.


Find the center of the strip of fabric. So if you cut an 8-inch strip, the middle would be the 4-inch mark. Use a pen or chalk to mark the center. Now fold one edge of the strip towards the center and do the same to the other edge. You can secure this with a pin or just hold it in place, ready for the next step.


2. Sew

Now that the two edges meet at the center of your bowtie, secure them by sewing the ends together. You can do any simple stitch you like. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect because this is going to be the back of your bowtie. I simply did a cross stitch to secure them together.


Once that’s done, it’s time to sew the curves in the bowtie. To get that wave or curves in the bowtie, fold the fabric strip in half crosswise. Take the top end and fold crosswise again in the opposite direction. Do the same in the bottom end. It should look like an accordion. To secure it in place, run the needle through the folds only in the center of the bowtie. Sew through the center a couple of times and secure with a knot before cutting the thread. Now it should look like a bowtie!


3. Use Hair Tie as a Holder

Take your hair tie and insert it in the middle of the bowtie. Loop the hair tie around the center of the bowtie a couple of times until it’s tight enough that it wouldn’t fall. Insert one of the loops into your dog’s collar and voila! You’re all set!


Wasn’t that a super easy DIY Doggy Bowtie tutorial? Your dog’s gonna look so fly!


I took Louis to the New York Public Library the other day and we took a couple of outfit shots with his new bowtie.


Loved this idea? Don’t forget to pin the image below for later! This would be a great idea for your fur baby’s birthday or any other special occasion.


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