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Beauty Talk: Why Makeup Brush is a Must

Today at STYLEanthropy, we’re talking about beauty and the importance of a makeup brush. I haven’t always been into makeup. And if you really know me outside of the blog and see me on a day to day basis, I really don’t wear that much makeup at all, especially since I work from home. In fact, if I would only be working behind the computer and not taking any style photos or shooting videos, I’d be makeup-free all day. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy wearing makeup when I do. And when I do, a brush is a must compared to a sponge, especially when handling powder.

makeup brush, powder brush, beauty, sponge,
Back in the day, my regular or basic makeup involved JUST a face powder and lip gloss. That’s it. But as I’ve grown through the years, I’ve discovered a wide variety of makeup products and brands which I’ve added to my beauty arsenal. But for regular days, I still stick to my powder and lip gloss. Sometimes, I’d first use a BB cream to act as a light foundation and SPF. But I’ll always top off with powder to avoid a shiny face! For the powder, I recommend using a makeup brush instead of a sponge. Why? Well, here’s why.

  1. A Makeup brush is more hygienic. A sponge is, well, a sponge. It’s tendency is to retain moisture. When you apply powder using a sponge and your face isn’t that clean, then dirt clings to that sponge. What’s more is that the dirt from your fingers will most probably cling to the sponge as well. Beauty experts say that you should regularly wash your sponge every week. I’ve tried it and sometimes, it’s really hard to clean it. So I’d prefer using a brush instead. It’s easier to clean as well.
  2. A Makeup brush gives you savings. Even in the slightest way… it will help you prolong your powder. Powder tends to be more absorbed by the sponge than by your face. By using a brush, you won’t be using as much powder as when you use a sponge.
  3. A Makeup brush will give you a more natural look. With sponge, you’ll have more powder on your face… which makes it look too obvious. Plus, it doesn’t really spread the powder evenly. So if you try to put on more powder, you might end up looking like a Japanese doll. With a brush, the powder tends to be spread out evenly and will make it look more natural!

So why am I talking about a powder brush today? Well, I was out the other day and got a bargain! I bought this Tweezerman Spa blush brush from Nordstrom for only $3.97. The regular price was $18! Great deal for a great beauty tool! It’s a premium quality natural goat hair brush that evenly distributes powder or blush. It has a retractable case that can control the size of the brush head for easy blending. What’s more is that it has the perfect storage case to keep the bristles protected especially when I travel. I always worry about makeup brushes getting dirty and all cluttered in my makeup travel kit. This one is perfect.

makeup brush, powder brush, beauty, sponge,

Looking for a Makeup Brush?

STYLEanthropists, hope you enjoyed today’s beauty talk. Stay beautiful!

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