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Beauty Routine Hack: DIY Makeup Pan

Today at STYLEanthropy, I’m sharing a fun beauty routine hack that will make your morning routine easier and faster. I made a DIY beauty and makeup pan. What’s that, you ask? Well, I chanced upon a portable folding plastic surface being sold for the top of your sink. If you lack counter space in the bathroom, it’s a make-shift counter space to put blow dryers, brushes, or irons when you’re getting ready in the morning. So an idea came to mind.


Currently, we have a single sink in our apartment. That means limited to almost zero counter space to put styling tools, brush, makeup, hair products, etc. I miss our double sinks in our Texas home. But, that’s why I thought about this beauty routine hack.

While I do have a vanity table in our bedroom, I still keep going back and forth the bathroom and my vanity. For some reason, I prefer the bigger mirror and brighter lights in the bathroom. Plus, my hair tools are now in the bathroom along with that set of drawers. I had to rearrange to make room in our new bedroom. So you can imagine, it’s quite time consuming to go back and forth.

vanity area, makeup drawers, master bedroom

Now another thing is having so much makeup. Guys, I’m not a hoarder. 🙂 As a beauty blogger, I get sent beauty products to review all the time. But beauty blogger or not, when you’re a beauty lover, I’m pretty sure you have a lot of beauty products too! And while I try to keep them all organized in makeup organizers, containers and drawers, sometimes, it takes longer to find something that I need to use.

So I thought what if I set aside my most favorite makeup products, the ones that I reach for on a daily basis – the ones I use for my no-makeup makeup look, and put them into this portable counter top. But then, it shouldn’t just be a flat surface. I need to be able to cover it so the beauty products won’t just look like clutter and won’t fall out. I need to be able to hide them easily too. So, getting an idea from the portable folding table top, I thought about using a baking pan with a lid for a DIY makeup and beauty pan! Watch this video.

Beauty Routine Hack: DIY Makeup Pan

What You’ll Need

  • Baking Pan with Lid (old or new is fine)
  • Sticker, contact paper, washi, rubber, or fabric (and some glue) to dress up your pan
  • Your favorite beauty products

How to Make your DIY Beauty and Makeup Pan

  1. Prepare your pan! In the video, I used an old baking pan that I was ready to throw out. Sometimes it’s hard to remove stains. Other times, pans start to rust and that’s not good to bake or cook at anymore! So just wash it good to prepare it for the next step. But if you want to buy a new baking pan with lid, no one’s stopping you. I just thought I’d make use of what I currently have.
  2. Now it’s time to prettify the pan! So I used left over marble contact paper sticker to prettify the surface of my old pan. You can also use washi tape, stickers, glue gun it with fabric, rubber to keep makeup products from rolling, or even place velcro stickers into the pan and into your most used makeup to keep them all in place.
  3. Then, decide which products you use the most. I’m sure you have your go-to products you reach for on a day-to-day basis. Put them in your makeup pan and arrange them in the order that you use them. This way, getting ready in the morning is even quicker! No more looking for products or stopping to think what’s next?

Now, you’re all done! When you’re ready to prepare in the morning, just place your makeup pan on top of the sink…

DIY beauty makeup pan, over sink, bathroom

DIY beauty makeup pan, over sink, bathroom

Remove the lid – you can put it on the floor, standing up against the wall. Now, you’re ready to get all dolled up because everything is laid out in front of you. No more forgetting to put your moisturizers or serums too!


Doing your makeup becomes more seamless!

makeup beauty products, baking pan

And once you’re done, just place back the lid and put your makeup pan under the sink. You can also place this under your bed if you don’t have room under your sink!


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STYLEanthropists, I hope you enjoyed watching the video and enjoyed this DIY. Hope this helps in making your morning routine faster and easier. Xo, C.

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