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A Preppy Spring Look

Today at STYLEanthropy, let’s go on full-mode spring with this Preppy Spring Look. I know yesterday’s post was a winter to spring transition. But between you and me, I am so over Winter. Hurry up already, Spring! I’ve been counting the weeks since Ground Hog Day. Don’t you turn me down now, Mister Punxsutawney Phil. Haha! Anyway, let’s get to this outfit.

preppy spring look, stripes top, sleeveless trench

Preppy Spring Look

First off, if you aren’t 100% sure about what PREPPY style really means, let me enlighten you.

Preppy (adjective): of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or being a style in dress or mode of behavior of a preppy.

Preppy (noun): person who is a student or a graduate of a preparatory school, OR, one who favors or is viewed as favoring clothing style or behavior associated with traditional preparatory schools.

In short, preppy style features clothing associated to preparatory schools – stripes, plaid, checkered, vests, trench, layers, button down shirts, polo shirts, cardigans, sneakers, loafers, etc. – you get the idea? So in this look, I’m wearing a striped shirt with a vest or a sleeveless trench coat. Adding in the pair of floral pants makes this look a fun Preppy Spring outfit. I’m ready for ya, Spring!

Vionic Spring Look, floral pants, Tiffany bag

To keep things casual and comfy, I wore this Samar Sandals from Vionic Shoes’ Spring 2016 Collection. Let me tell you, the tan leather is beautiful, the microfiber footbed is so soft, and overall, it’s super comfortable. I’ve been talking a lot about Vionic Shoes lately and how they are pretty awesome at giving support and helping with alignment… and that’s because I can attest to that.

In case you weren’t able to read my story: One time, I was wearing a different brand of boots. It had no heels and had the soft lining inside. But after walking, running errands for an hour or so, for 2 to 3 consecutive days, I noticed my feet aching from the lack of arch support. I had the pain for days, until I thought of switching to this pair of Vionic Shoes boots. Let me tell you, the moment I switched, I immediately felt a relief! And within the day, the pain was gone. I became a believer. Their orthaheel technology really works. I started wearing their Juniper slippers daily, and when I know I’ll be doing a lot of walking, I wear one of my Vionic boots.

So when I received a pair of sandals from them, I was way too happy and excited. I now have one of their sandals to wear for the warmer temps! P.S., this pair of sandals may have been given to me as a gift, but I was not asked to post about it. Everything I’m saying here is entirely my own opinion!

Vionic shoes, samar sandals, floral pants

Okay, enough about that, let’s talk about the rest of the outfit. Going full-on mode Spring, I decided to take out this beautiful geranium colored purse from Tiffany & Co. It just so happened that it matched the flower print on my pants. I totally didn’t plan that one out, but I like it! And come to think of it, the pompom charm also matches the other colors of the floral print.


I mixed in other bright colors to make this blooming spring outfit come to life. I love the addition of the yellow colors in my two necklaces and bangle. They add freshness to the look. Plus, blue and yellow go really well together. Remember that!


See below? The citrus yellow adds life to blue and white!

preppy spring look, stripes top, gold bangles, outfit

Speaking of color combos, blue also goes well with orange!


But Louis the Beagle doesn’t seem too happy about it! Haha…





WEARING: Jones New York striped top; Love Tree sleeveless trench coat / vest; Hollister floral pants; Samar Sandals c/o Vionic Shoes; Tiffany & Co. Quinn top handle bag c/o; Kate Spade stud earrings; Ray-Ban aviators; statement necklace c/o ShopLately; Rayne necklace c/o Kendra Scott; Michael Kors faux fur pompom bag charm; Apple watch; Gorjana zigzag bangle; Hermes H clic clac bracelet; Gorjana arrow cuff; Michael Kors buckle bangle; Love bangle and Roman numeral ring c/o The Peach Box; minimalist T cuff c/o Barse Jewelry.

STYLEanthropists, I hope you like this preppy spring look. How about you? What’s your favorite style? Do share! And by the way, I created a new Facebook page just for food and home posts, I’d love it if you give it a LIKE! Thanks guys!

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