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5 Tips to Keep Lips Soft and Moisturized

Hey guys! Welcome back to STYLEanthropy. I’m sharing another video (WOOHOO) and this time it’s a tips-slash-how-to beauty video for you. It’s already Fall season and before we know it, it’s going to be Winter soon. Air is getting dry which means it’s that time of the year when our lips tend to get chapped and dry too. So below, I’m sharing 5 beauty tips to keep lips soft and moisturized!


If you’re a visual kind of person, then watch this video I made for you.

Now if you love more information or want to read the tips instead, I’m listing them all below.

5 Tips to Keep Lips Soft and Moisturized

  1. Exfoliate regularly! Like our face, our lips need exfoliating too. This will help get rid of dead skin cells – those dry, flaky layers you love to peel off. Ugh. While it’s tempting to peel them out, don’t! It can cause bleeding, swelling, and a not so lovely looking sore. Been there. Done that. This e.l.f. cosmetics Lip Exfoliator is a game changer. Plus it’s only $3 bucks! Ever since receiving it from the brand, I’ve been using it to remove those unwanted flaky layers! I get that a lot especially when I get sick – you know, dehydrated and all. So this really helps. It’s even great because it’s in a form of a lipstick. So you just apply it like you would a lip gloss or lip balm. Massage it all over your lips and then wipe with a damp cotton pad or cotton ball. Voila!



  2. Use a Lip Mask! A lip mask? Is there such a thing? Yes there is! I’ve told you about Patchology Lip Gels before in this post. It works like a face mask. With a clean face, just put one lip gel on your lips. Let it stay for 5 minutes before removing. Your lips will feel so soft and moisturized afterwards! Use it once a week to maintain that softness.


  3. Moisturize with your favorite Lip Balm! Make sure you moisturize in the morning, before putting on makeup, and before you head to bed. I must admit, I tend to forget the latter. But it really helps to do this so it works while you sleep. You’ll wake up with soft and moisturized lips! I use Frank Body Lip Balm.


  4. Use a Moisturizing Lipstick! I know there are a million lipstick products that we love. Trending matte liquid lipsticks tend to be very drying. So if possible, opt for something that is moisturizing. Or at the least, alternate your lipstick faves and make sure you wear a moisturizing lipstick every now and then. Shown in the video is from e.l.f. and it’s the shade “Touch of Nude“.
  5. Drink 8 Glasses of Water! The most important thing of them all, remember to hydrate! When you’re dehydrated, it shows in your lips. So drink up!

Hope you enjoyed this “5 Tips to Keep Lips Soft and Moisturized” post. And if you do, please let me know in the comments below if I should keep posting about similar topics – tips, how to’s, beauty features, etc. Also, have you joined the giveaway in my previous blog post? You’re going to want to enter – I can feel it! 🙂 Until the next beauty post. Xo.

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  • Reply Sarahi Pasaye October 6, 2016 at 1:41 pm

    I’ve recently started using Elf products and love them! They are so affordable and work as well as high end products.

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