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3 Valentines Day Gift Ideas to Say I Love You

Valentines Day is just around the corner. Whether you are celebrating it with your significant other, parents, family, besties, or group of friends, it’s always nice to show them how you love them through gifts. Below are super easy Valentines Day gift ideas for any budget. Read on.


3 Valentines Day Gift Ideas

1. Say I Love You with Flowers

Who doesn’t smile upon receiving a bunch of beautiful flowers? When I want to make my Mom feel special, there has to be flowers included! I know I feel extra loved when I receive them too. So show that special woman in your life that you love her with a gorgeous arrangement. has so many options for everyone’s style. But these roses caught my eye.





Don’t worry, if you’re gifting someone who isn’t much of a flower person. Or perhaps you want to give your husband or boyfriend something, also has bamboo arrangements and bonsai, along with other non-flower gifts. Plus, if you use this link, you can get 20% off your order. Order now to get it in time for Valentine’s Day and make sure to use code WHYILOVE to save!


2. Something He/She Likes

Is he into movies or video games? Then give him a copy of his favorite movie or a film he missed in theaters. Perhaps the latest video game he’s been telling you about was a hint. How about a new pair of shoes? How about makeup like a new lipstick she’s eyeing? Or maybe your girlfriend or wife needs some pampering at the salon? A gift certificate would be thoughtful! You can go all out or keep it simple and sweet. You can even give that person a massage or set up the tub for a nice warm bubble bath – with candles and some bubbly. The important thing is that he or she likes it. It doesn’t matter how much you spend! You know your loved one. Observe and see what tickles his or her fancy.

3. Give Your Time

With busy lives at work or at school, sometimes all he or she needs is YOUR TIME. So make sure to block out a whole day for him or her. Have brunch. Go to your favorite cafe. Do something you like together, be it watching a movie, binge-watching your fave show, bake or cook, explore the city or the country side, play video games, among many others. Then, end the night with dinner, enjoying each other’s company. No distractions. Just you and your loved one.

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? What’s your dream Valentines’ Day date? Do share!


Don’t forget, visit the website to purchase the perfect Valentine’s Day flower arrangement to show that special someone just why you love them!

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  • Reply Sevi Ware February 9, 2017 at 11:11 am

    Need to send this over to my husband! He could use a hint since I’ve been obsessed with fresh flowers. Since we don’t really celebrate V-Day, we do have plans to buy Resident Evil and play it together!

    • Reply Cris Zaragoza February 9, 2017 at 5:53 pm

      Yes! Hint, hint to the husband! 🙂 Resident Evil or any other video/console game sounds like my kind of plan! ;p

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